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Red Shadows

Gelesen von Paul Siegel

(4,319 Sterne; 216 Bewertungen)

Red Shadows is the first of a series of stories featuring Howard's puritan avenger, Solomon Kane. Kane tracks his prey over land and sea, enters the jungles of Africa, and even faces dark gods and evil magic -- all to avenge a woman he'd never met before. (Summary by Paul Siegel) (1 hr 2 min)


Chapter 1 - The Coming of Solomon


Read by Paul Siegel

Chapter 2 - The Lair of the Wolf


Read by Paul Siegel

Chapter 3 - The Chant of the Drums


Read by Paul Siegel

Chapter 4 - The Black God


Read by Paul Siegel

Chapter 5 - The End of the Red Trail


Read by Paul Siegel


Free Audio Review

(5 Sterne)

This story was my first introduction to the Solomon Kane character, and what a great pulpy dark story it is. The protagonist comes across an dying maiden who he doesn't know and is thrown into an adventurer that crosses continents. What I found amazing in this short story is that it remained a short story. In a mere sentence or two great swathes of the chase are hinted at, great literay moments that have just been bypassed. Despite the hinted at "missing" sections the story does not let up and speeds along at a pace that will keep you listening. The hero is just that, a man with a sword on a goodly quest. If you like a pulp story then this is something your going to like. The reader has a great deep voice that lends weight to the telling. For more of my reviews of free audio visit

Good Introduction to Solomon Kane

(4 Sterne)

This is a good Solomon Kane story. Howard's Kane was never as interesting a character as Conan, but his tales allowed Howard to tap into a much darker world. The reading was good. I prefer readings without the overblown voices - especially the accents. However, in a campy pulp tale like this they seemed to fit with the spirit. Like an old black and white movie with all the international parts played by white actors in greasepaint. I recommend this tale. It's a short listen with some interesting settings and a reader who obviously loves what he is doing.

Not sure about this story

(4 Sterne)

It seems kind of abrupt. Solomon Kane is a puritan avenger (bit of an irony IMHO) who slays the evil to protect the innocent. The story also hints that forces beyond the everyday assist him in his quest. The reader is excellent and does a great job with voices. I just found the story a bit abrupt, but still a good read.

The Great Pulp Fiction of REH

(5 Sterne)

I hope all REH's stories will appear in audio form. has a whole bunch of his stories read by computer. But I like human voices better. I hope FNH will find the time to read some of the REH stories. All his other readings are of the highest quality. My compliments, Roland from the Netherlands

Free Listens review

(5 Sterne)

This is a story full of slashing swords and purple prose. Howard is one of the better pulp fiction magazine writers and his stories crackle with action. This story, and those like it, are one of my favorite literary guilty pleasures. For full review and others, visit

Great book and Great narration

(5 Sterne)

I purchased the kindle book of all of Robert E. Howard’s works. I have wanted to read the Conan stories and the discovered the Solomon Kane stories. The Solomon Kane stories sounded really good and the narrator brought the stories to life.

Soloing Kane

(5 Sterne)

'Kinda felt like two stories in one. The beginning and the end didn't have much to do with one another. Still, each story was great, taken by itself.

Simple but entertaining short story.

(3,5 Sterne)

A very simplistic plot, but still entertaining and enjoyable to listen to. Mr Siegel does a fine job of reading; thank you sir.