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Bible (WEB) NT 18: Philemon

Gelesen von Leon Mire

(4,5 Sterne; 6 Bewertungen)

While in prison, Paul writes this letter to another Christian, Philemon. Paul has met with and converted a man named Onesimus, probably a runaway slave, and he writes to Philemon, Onesimus's legal owner, to tell him that he is sending him back. Appealing to Philemon's personal debt to him, Paul urges him to welcome Onesimus as though he were Paul himself, and to accept him as a fellow brother in Christ.
(Summary by Leon Mire) (0 hr 2 min)


Book of Philemon


Read by Leon Mire


Why Author Unknown?

(4 Sterne)

This cataloging shows poor scholarship and bias. The Internet Archive listing for Shakespeare Monologues, Volume 1 lists the author as William Shakespeare, not "unknown." Yet many people doubt and make persuasive cases that Shakespeare was not the author of Shakespeare's works. I am well aware that many scholars believe it was not the Apostle Paul who wrote the Pauline Letters. But the fact remains that the author claims to be Paul. All the possibilities presented by scholars are based on circumstantial reasoning. The scholars have hardly come to a consensus. In the end, 1. The author of the book of Philemon claims to be Paul. 2. Why should this be dealt with any differently than Shakespeare?


(0 Sterne)

hi perf... we decided to follow the Library of Congress/Project Gutenberg cataloging protocol, and make all books of the bible (all versions) listed under the same authorship. LOC leaves author blank; Gutenberg lists as "anonymous." And we decided on Unknown. so the choice is between those three.