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Island Nights' Entertainments

Gelesen von Tony Addison

(4,55 Sterne; 10 Bewertungen)

A marvelous depiction of two sides of South Sea Islands' life through three separate tales. One, the experience of the incoming British keen to live free and exploit the innocent; the other the supernatural as perceived by Stevenson working in the lives of the natives. One tale carries the germ of the story of Madame Butterfly, since become a part of Western culture. Another is an extraordinary retelling of a German horror story transposed to a South Sea Island setting. The last is an effort of the pure Stevensonian imagination and there can be nothing better. - Summary by TONY ADDISON (5 hr 44 min)


The Beach of Falesa. Chapter One - A south sea bridal.


Read by Tony Addison

The Beach of Falesa. Chapter Two - The Ban.


Read by Tony Addison

The Beach of Falesa. Chapter Three - The Missionary.


Read by Tony Addison

The Beach of Falesa. Chapter Four - Devil-work.


Read by Tony Addison

The Beach of Falesa. Chapter Five - Night in the bush.


Read by Tony Addison

The Bottle Imp - Part One


Read by Tony Addison

The Bottle Imp - Part Two


Read by Tony Addison

The Isle of Voices


Read by Tony Addison


A Grim Set of Entertainments

(4 Sterne)

These three excellently stories, admirably read (particularly the first story), have nothing of flower scented romance about them. despite the title. The first story is a sharply etched character study of a brutal (and believably racist man) who nonetheless takes a native wife, and turns into a better man as a result (He doesn't completely reform -- the ending is gong to grate on some pc ears, but its ralistic). The other two tales are stories of curses and wizardry that are tense and a little unnerving. I particularly like the voice the reader chose for the first story -- it fits the character narrating the tale beautifully.

Amazing stories

(5 Sterne)

Truly fantastic stories, all of them. I can’t speak highly enough for the quality of the stories... the narration , for me, was another matter. But no matter because I was so engrossed in the plots I was able to get past his voice. I highly recommend this!


(3,5 Sterne)

Diverse group of tales, each well done, if a bit dark. Reader'$ voice and enunciation are perfect for these stories.

Interesting assortment of stories

(5 Sterne)

Really enjoyed the exotic stories. The reader did an excellent job with accents and reading