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The National Geographic Magazine Vol. 07 - 05. May 1896

Gelesen von LibriVox Volunteers

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The National Geographic Magazine, an illustrated monthly, the May Number.

It includes the following articles:
* Africa Since 1888, by Hon. Gardiner G. Hubbard, LL. D.

* Fundamental Geographic Relation of the Three Americas, by Robert T. Hill

* The Kansas River, by Arthur P. Davis

* Annual Report of the Superintendent of the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey, by Herbert G. Ogden
along with geographic literature, and a few miscellaneous notes. (1 hr 40 min)


Africa Since 1888 (Part 1)


Read by BettyB

Africa Since 1888 (Part 2)


Read by BettyB

Fundamental Geographic Relation of the Three Americas


Read by MaryAnn

The Kansas River


Read by Carol Cotter

Geographic Literature


Read by Carol Cotter

Annual Report of the Superintendent of the United States Coast and Geodetic Sur…


Read by Rhys Lawson



Read by Rhys Lawson


God Bless and Thank You Mary AnnS

(5 Sterne)

Thank all of you for reading a very interesting and informing Magazine The National Geographic. I have a PhD degree and one of my first professors in statistical analysis said that the National Geographic was one of the best examples he could recommend for a quick understanding of how research should be done. I am a Combat Vet receiving treatment for PTSD which is so serious that without the help of the VA I may not have been able to write this little note of thanks. I am ashamed of the weakness caused by my military service but am also aware enough of my problem to know that it is shared with so many other "heroes" which designation I do not see in myself but was decorated numerous times in combat for valor, which I do not regret. I have often wished I had died for my country and my God (USA & Christianity), as my wife died from cancer 3 months after my return home from combat. However, please do not think it is of or for me that I am writing these simple lines but for the 22 combat vets who commit suicide every day. It is for them that I believe Librivox can be one great resource. When I feel ashamed to go to the VA to receive therapy I always listen to you and others and my strength is increased and when I try hard to sleep at night, I listen to your wonderful, talented woman's voice which has a soothing quality which I know would reach the souls and depths of the minds from which the ghosts and shadows of battle often trouble our sleep. You have spent so many hours of devotion and have dedicated so much of your time to this noble cause that you deserve a special medal from someone and I will give you all of mine for what you have done for me and many more. That goes for all Librivox volunteers who gives freely and in a Christian for the benefit of others I hope to meet you but only God know how or where. He has a plan for us all and we can all (except a few disabled from hearing) listen to wonderful books of romance, history, adventure, humor (God bless PG Wodehouse and Mr. Jenkins who wrote Bindle and so many more). I am sorry for this song and probably understated expression of my thanks and blessing to all of you who bring this blessing to me.