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Fighting the Whales

Gelesen von Lee Elliott

(4,629 Sterne; 58 Bewertungen)

A fatherless boy joins the crew of a whaling ship in order to earn a living for himself and his mother. Beyond being a fascinating depiction of a now-alien time, occupation, and culture, it's also a rousing adventure story. One is left with the impression that hunting and catching a whale in a sailing ship was akin to you or me being stalked, ambushed, and killed by a shoebox full of mice. (Summary by the reader.) (2 hr 9 min)


In Trouble


Read by Lee Elliott

At Sea


Read by Lee Elliott

Our First Battle


Read by Lee Elliott

Blubber & Oil


Read by Lee Elliott

A Storm


Read by Lee Elliott

The Whale--Fighting Bulls


Read by Lee Elliott

Tom's Wisdom


Read by Lee Elliott

Death on the Sea


Read by Lee Elliott

News From Home


Read by Lee Elliott

Return Home


Read by Lee Elliott


Adventures in whaling

(4 Sterne)

thanks, reader, for another great LibriVOX work! we're not worthy. love the box of mice analogy !! Lethal mice indeed, but at least the whales are still with us and left mostly in peace, at least from whalers. Now whale watching threatens some populations, and we start to love them to extinction.


(5 Sterne)

I highly recommend this book it is very educationally and interesting. Good reader too.

An interesting short story

(5 Sterne)

Although I'm not keen on the idea of killing whales, this story was exciting. Thankfully there were no Pirates or sword fighting, just tales of camaraderie and adventure. Brilliantly written with scarcely a dull moment, and the reader was wonderfully animated.


(5 Sterne)

Brilliantly read the best I've heard . And a never boring story

(4,5 Sterne)

Such an adventurous story sharing what the had been before the industrial revolution. Quite entertaining & exciting history of how much we depended upon the great oceans to provide the countries with whale oil.

(3,5 Sterne)

maybe the person making these book descriptions shouldnt be so judgy. i guess they are perfect. imagine in 200 years the dated aspect of that vitriol...

(5 Sterne)

Well read. Short story so good for a trip. Thank you