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From Pillar to Post

Gelesen von LibriVox Volunteers

(4,417 Sterne; 6 Bewertungen)

I could not let these random notes of a delightful experience go forth into the world without expressing in some way my deep appreciation of the valued services rendered me in my ten years of platform work by my friends of the Lyceum Bureaus. In office and in the field they have labored strenuously, often affectionately, and always loyally, on my behalf. But for their interest some of the most cherished experiences of my life would have been beyond my reach. If sometimes in their zeal to keep me busy they have booked me in Winnipeg on Monday night, in New Orleans on Tuesday night, with little side-trips to San Diego, California, and Presque Isle, Maine, on Wednesday and Thursday, not to mention grand finales at Omaha and Key West on Friday and Saturday, I view that sequence rather as a tribute to my agility than as a matter to be unduly captious about. It is a manifestation of a confidence in my powers to overcome the limitations of time and space that I think upon with an expanding head, if not with a swelling heart, and whether this required annihilation of distance has been wholly agreeable or not it has enabled me to see more of my own country than I otherwise could have seen, and to that extent, I hope, has made a better American of me. - Summary from the author's preface (6 hr 23 min)


Getting Used To It


Read by Jeff Moon

Southern Hospitality


Read by Jeff Moon

Getting the Level


Read by Jeff Moon

The Good Samaritan


Read by Linda Johnson

A Vagrant Poet


Read by Brett G. Hirsch

Back-Handed Compliments


Read by Kathleen Moore

Friends of the Road


Read by Kathleen Moore

Chairmen I Have Met


Read by Tom Penn

Chance Acquaintances


Read by Tom Penn

Humours of the Road


Read by James Pyle

Mine Host


Read by James Pyle

Perils of the Platform


Read by Linda Johnson

Embarrassing Moments


Read by James Pyle

''Slings and Arrows''


Read by Brett G. Hirsch



Read by Linda Johnson

A Pioneer Manager


Read by Tom Penn


Fine entertainment

(4,5 Sterne)

Enjoyable stories and superb narration. Books read by various volunteers, rather than a single narrator can sometimes be disappointing because one or more readers don't meet one's preferences. However, that is not the case here. Not only did I find all performances fully adequate (and "performances" is the accurate word), but most were exceptional. I will certainly endeavor to identify and listen to more books by these volunteers. Many thanks to them all.