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The Life Triumphant: Mastering the Heart and Mind

Gelesen von Andani Thakhathi

(4,568 Sterne; 74 Bewertungen)

Are you tired of ignoring your conscience? Do you want to to follow the inward guide to wherever it may lead? Are you ready to realise your full potential even though those around you may have no idea how to relate? Then The Life Triumphant is for you. This book is uncompromising! It shows you the way to the realisation of that inward power that you have so long wanted to experience but have lacked the courage to pursue 100%. We were meant to be masters, not slaves. This book will show you "How to Master the Heart and Mind" and take up your place as the triumphant Director of your Life. - Summary by Andani Thakhathi (1 hr 51 min)




Read by Andani Thakhathi

Faith and Courage


Read by Andani Thakhathi

Manliness, Womanliness and Sincerity


Read by Andani Thakhathi

Energy and Power


Read by Andani Thakhathi

Self-Control and Happiness


Read by Andani Thakhathi

Simplicity and Freedom


Read by Andani Thakhathi

Right Thinking and Repose


Read by Andani Thakhathi

Calmness and Resource


Read by Andani Thakhathi

Insight and Nobility


Read by Andani Thakhathi

Man the Master


Read by Andani Thakhathi

Knowledge and Victory


Read by Andani Thakhathi


(5 Sterne)

Very good book and extremely well read. Thankyou for sharing 👍🙏🙂

read to fast and not completely pronouncing the complete syllabl

(1 Sterne)

Very Insightful

(5 Sterne)

The Life Triumphant. A very insightful book indeed.

Great read

(5 Sterne)

Reader is a little fast but good book

Fantastic reading the best I've heard so far. Wonderful

(5 Sterne)

Great philosophies on Virtues and life Principles

(5 Sterne)