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The Short Life

Gelesen von Peter Eastman

(4,231 Sterne; 13 Bewertungen)

At two years old, Timmy was an imbecile, incapable of talking or controlling his own body. At four years old, he abruptly stood up and began speaking in full sentences. Within a few years, he was a genius. But it was all a terrible mistake, one that might put the whole universe at risk. - Summary by Peter Eastman (2 hr 35 min)


Part 1


Read by Peter Eastman

Part 2


Read by Peter Eastman

Part 3


Read by Peter Eastman

Part 4


Read by Peter Eastman


intriguingly original

(5 Sterne)

At first this seems to be a simple, strange story but pay careful attention, especially when the BIG explanation starts. It raises questions of ethics. I found it gripping and entertaining. It was well read but I'd like to put a point to narrators - when a character shouts, I'd much prefer it if you didn't match the volume.

Very Different

(3,5 Sterne)

This was surprising, bizarre and at times frustrating. The twists in the plot and my interest in Timmy kept me listening. But overall it was a little to philosophical for my tastes.

(4,5 Sterne)

Interesting premise. Thought provoking and read well. Although a complicated dialogue..

(5 Sterne)

i really enjoyed tthis sttory! the ending leftt me wantting more