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Dandy Dick

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(4,786 Sterne; 7 Bewertungen)

“Dandy Dick” was the third of the farces which Mr. Pinero wrote for the old Court Theatre—a series of plays which, besides giving playgoers a fresh source of laughter, and the English stage a new order of comic play, brought plentiful prosperity to the joint management of Mr. Arthur Cecil and the late Mr. John Clayton. - Summary by (From Introduction)

Cast list:
The Very Reverend Augustin Jedd, DD, Dean of St Marvells: ToddHW
Sir Tristram Mardon, Bart: Son of the Exiles
Major Tarver, -th Hussars, quartered at Durnstone near St Marvells: Craig Franklin
Mr. Darbey, -th Hussars, quartered at Durnstone near St Marvells: Jason in Panama
Blore, Butler at the Deanery: Tomas Peter
Noah Topping, Constable at St. Marvells: alanmapstone
Hatcham, Sir Tristram's groom: Roger Melin
Georgiana Tidman, a widow, the Dean's sister: Sonia
Salome, Dean's daughter: Leanne Yau
Sheba, Dean's daughter: Devorah Allen
Hannah Topping, formerly in service at the Deanery: Availle
Stage Directions: Sandra Schmit
Edited by: ToddHW (2 hr 43 min)


Act 1 - Morning


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Act 2 - Evening


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Act 3 - The Next Day


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Fun little farce!

(5 Sterne)

Augustin Jedd, the dean of St. Marvells, only THINKS he has his family, household, and personal dignity all under control. Enter a couple soldiers courting his daughters, his horse-racing widowed sister, and the race horse called Dandy Dick, and his supposed hold on everything slips from his fingers. Well voice-acted by the readers. Thanks for the enjoyment!

English Humor is Lost on Americans

(5 Sterne)

While I found the situations funny, I'm sure I missed many of the jokes that I'm sure the English would find very funny. The recording was excellent and the voicing seemed to match the persona of the characters.