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The Love-Tiff

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(5 Sterne; 1 Bewertungen)

"The characters are well delineated, and fathers, lovers, mistresses, and servants all move about amidst a complication of errors from which there is no visible disentangling. The conversation between Valère and Ascanio in man's clothes, the mutual begging pardon of Albert and Polydore, the natural astonishment of Lucile, accused in the presence of her father, and the stratagem of Éraste to get the truth from his servants, are all described in a masterly manner, whilst the tiff between Éraste and Lucile, which gives the title to the piece, as well as their reconciliation, are considered among the best scenes of this play." - Summary by The Translator

Cast list:
ÉRASTE, in love with Lucile: Nemo
ALBERT, father to Lucile: ToddHW
GROS-RENÉ, servant to Éraste: Roger Melin
VALÈRE, son to Polydore: Adam DeFord
POLYDORE, father to Valère: Larry Wilson
MASCARILLE, servant to Valère: Tomas Peter
METAPHRASTUS, a pedant: alanmapstone
LA RAPIÈRE, a bully: Leanne Yau
LUCILE, daughter to Albert: Eva Davis
ASCANIO, Albert's daughter, in man's clothes: Beth Thomas
FROSINE, confidant to Ascanio: TJ Burns
MARINETTE, maid to Lucile: Sonia
Stage Directions: Sandra Schmit
Edited by: ToddHW (2 hr 1 min)


Act 1


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Act 2


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Act 3


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Act 4


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Act 5


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