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Bob and Ray WOR 796 March 25, 1976

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Thursday, March 25, 1976 0:00 - Intro by Roger Skibenes, talk of what's coming up, then an interview with Mrs. Constance Metzger, who bears an uncanny visual resemblance to a certain Hollywood star. 3:35 - On Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife, Harry and Greg continue their search for the American embassy and consider having ice cream, while Calvin and Pops enjoy ice cream and consider looking for the American embassy. 7:35 - A traffic report from Fred Feldman in Helicopter 710. 9:20 - A pre-recorded ad for Acme Super-Saver Market, where Mrs. Joan Barry can save $1.81, a nearly 5% saving on her weekly food bill. 10:20 - Search For Togetherness (based on the 1951-1986 series Search For Tomorrow), a soap opera from a small mid-western town with two doctors and much drama.  Today, the doctors both use and discuss idioms. 14:35 - The song I'll Write A Symphony by Irving Taylor, a bang-on parody of the 'Swing And Sway' style of Sammy Kaye, with vocals by Allen Davies, . 17:00 - Ray reads a brief promo for breakfast squares, then an episode of Elmer W. Lipsinger, Spy.  In today's exciting episode, Agent Lipsinger gets a fill-up and asks for directions. 20:55 - Webley Webster is in the studio, still hoping to play Jealousy.  Will today be the day?  Also, an update on what's coming up and public service announcements. 22:00 - News headlines, then Grand Motel, where motel owner Leonard Humphries welcomes a potential guest.  Free picture postcards could seal the deal. 26:50 - A pre-recorded commercial for Heineken beer, followed by the hospital drama The Orderlies.  Will orderly Weincoup find a way to come to the hospital's charity ball?  No. 32:00 - On General Pharmacy, a mysterious stranger, General Krebs, needs a prescription filled, and two old military man reminisce. 36:30 - Meeting members of the studio tour, and a discussion of potential hazardous weather conditions. 38:30 - A pre-recorded commercial for Colonial Yankee Franks, read by legendary shortstop Phil Rizzuto.  Now you can enjoy the aromas of Yankee Stadium right in your own home. 39:30 - A promo for Flanagan and Allen films being shown locally, then the wrap-up and what's coming up on WOR that evening.  Flanagan and Allen's song 'Are You Having Any Fun?' was featured on Bob & Ray's broadcast of March 22, just three days before this episode. Annotation by Harry Wilson Next Episode:

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.