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Bob and Ray WOR 803 April 05, 1976

Monday, April 05, 1976 Mary gets her singing parts mixed up. Next Episode: 0:00 - Introducing the show, a teaser about a 'big surprise' coming up next week, then random tales of misery from random visitors to New York. 4:45 - On Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife, at last the gang puts on a performance of La Traviata, at La Scala; Greg celebrates well, if not wisely. 8:25 - Elmer W. Lipsinger, Spy, asks a local spy for help with his itinerary.  Brought to you by Tingle, the long-wearing dental floss made of spun-glass fiber. 11:55 - A suggestive and pre-recorded commercial for Montini canned tomatoes. 13:00 - Slow Poke, sung by Arthur Godfrey, This song first appeared in 1951 and was released in at least seven different versions that year, by such diverse artists as Godfrey, Helen O'Connell, and Hawkshaw Hawkins.  Odd that no mention is made of Arthur Sturdley, B&R's parody of Arthur Godfrey, although at the end of the song Bob sounds a bit like he's slipping into the character. 16:00 - Widen Your Horizons welcomes Tebley Boatman of Old Faithful Soap & Detergent Company, who teaches listeners how to use their products safely and efficiently. 21:05 - The tail end of the news, followed by This Place For Heroes, dramatizing the story of shopkeeper Willard Clooty, who fought graft in municipal government with, unfortunately, no thought of his personal safety. 25:40 - On The Gathering Dusk, Miss Bessinger welcomes Bureau Of Indian Affairs Regional Director Hergenszweig, whom she hopes will identify a mysterious totem pole that has appeared in the village. 30:20 - Squad Car 119 features the officers responding to a shooting by discussing parking problems in the neighborhood. 33:55 - News headlines, followed by news headlines. 34:50 - A Bob & Ray editorial, speaking out against discrimination against short people, but not all short people. 39:10 - The Emergency Ward features Dr. Gerhardt Snutton's amazing discovery about human growth, and his treatment of a man stuck in a chair. 43:10 - Closing the show. Annotations by Harry Wilson

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.