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The Revolutions of Civilization

Gelesen von Leon Harvey

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British archaeologist & Egyptologist, Flinders Petrie, discusses the history of civilization in Egypt, Greece, Rome & medieval Europe & correlates contemporary events in different countries. A measure of the quality of civilisation is proposed by a comparison of artisan skill and effort judged in art, sculpture, and architecture between the timelines of radically different cultures. A special focus on Egypt presents evidence in a series of phases of art skill, rather than the leadership of a dynasty. (Summary by Leon Harvey) (1 hr 37 min)


I. The Nature of Civilisation


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II. The Periods of Civilisation in Egypt


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III. The Periods in Europe


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IV. The Fluctuations


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V. Relations of Different Activities


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VI. The National View of Civilisation


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VII. Conditions of Civilisation


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