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Master Zacharius

Gelesen von Zachary Katz-Stein

(3,962 Sterne; 26 Bewertungen)

Master Zacharius is a man of science, skill, and overpowering pride. He is the first to successfully, and accurately, regulate time. Does this not make him God-like? What then, should such a man do when his time is running out and his legacy is in danger? (Zachary Katz-Stein) (1 hr 36 min)


A Winter Night


Read by Zachary Katz-Stein

The Pride of Science


Read by Zachary Katz-Stein

A Strange Visit


Read by Zachary Katz-Stein

The Church of Saint Pierre


Read by Zachary Katz-Stein

The Hour of Death


Read by Zachary Katz-Stein


beautifully read

(5 Sterne)

Great reader for what is written like an old time religious fable.

(3,5 Sterne)

This is a strange, short book, reminiscent of a Grimms’ Fairy Tale. A famous clockmaker, his daughter, and small staff live in a crazy old house that has a trap door right over a raging river. Because of his amazing advances in clockwork mechanisms, Zachary develops a God-complex and falls prey to the conniving schemes of a grotesque little creature. Beautifully read by Zachary Katz Stein.

Very Nice

(5 Sterne)

Enjoyed this, a very nice short story. Thanks to Mr Katz-Stein for reading this.