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Ingersoll on WHICH WAY, from the Works of Robert G. Ingersoll, Volume 3, Lectur…

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Col. Ingersoll explains the conflict he sees between the natural vs. the supernatural on a variety of philosophical topics; secular vs. theologically rooted government; a loving vs. a vengeful God; scientific vs. theological approach to curing diseases; the source of religion as divinely inspired or naturally produced; two theories of morals; reason vs. dogma; living for man vs. living for God; living for this life vs. the hereafter; and other dichotomies. Other lectures in Volume 3 of the 12 volume Dresden Edition), are presented on Librivox as separate audiobooks in the series called Ingersoll Lectures, Famous People. This one is included because it was presented in the same Volume. ( Michele Fry) (1 hr 7 min)


I. Two Ways, natural and supernatural


Read by Brian Levine

II. God - Good or Evil?


Read by Rita Boutros

III. Disease - Cure by science or theology?


Read by Rita Boutros

IV. Sacred books - inspired by God or Man?


Read by Rita Boutros

V. Two theories about morals


Read by Scarbo

VI. Possible vs. Impossible?


Read by Scarbo

VII. Personalities vs. principles


Read by Tommy Hersant

VIII. Reason vs. dogma


Read by William Allan Jones

IX. Live for God, or for Men?


Read by Tommy Hersant

X. The narrow road vs the broad road?


Read by Brian Levine