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Psmith in the City

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A BBC Radio adaptation by Marcy Kahan of P. G. Wodehouse's 1910 comic novel. Psmith (the "p" is silent ("as in pshrimp", in his own words and added by himself to set himself apart from all other Smiths) is a character created by "Jeeves and Wooster" creator P. G. Wodehouse and is one of his best-loved. He may be something of a dandy, but he's a fluent and witty speaker and has the remarkable ability to pass through the most amazing adventures unruffled. Psmith and his friend Mike Jackson, for different reasons, find themselves actually working(!) for the New Asiatic Bank in London, which is managed by the harsh, utterly humorless and politically ambitious Mr. Bickersdyke. However, this won't stop them, making the best of their position ... and contriving to squeeze in a little cricket from time to time. The Author ... Simon Williams Psmith ... Nick Caldecott Mike Jackson ... Inam Mirza Mr. Bickersdyke/Plebian ... Stephen Critchlow Mr. Waller ... Jonathan Tafler Mr. Jackson/Mr. Rossiter/.Comrade Prebble/Mr. Gregory ... Chris Pavlo Bannister/Plebian ... Robert Lonsdale Bill/Joe ---Dan Starkey Ada ... Jill Cardo Edward ... Ryan Watson Broadcast on BBC Radio 4 19 September - 10 October 2008

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.


First Steps in a Business Career


The Haunting of Mr. Bickersdyke


Stirring Times with Comrade Waller


Psmith Arranges His Future