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Emil Bragansky And Eldar Ryazanov The Irony Of Fate

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Saturday-Night Theatre: The Irony of Fate or I Hope You Enjoyed Your Bath Sat 28th Nov 1981, 20:30 on BBC Radio 4 FM A modern Russian comedy by Emil Bragansky and Eldar Ryazanov translated by Robert Dalglish and adapted for radio by Glyn Dearman with Ian Lavender as Zhenya Lukashin, Penelope Wilton as Nadya Sheveleva, Edward de Souza as Ippolit. Zhenya Lukashin celebrates his engagement and the New Year rather too well with a group of friends in the Moscow public baths, and ends up in Leningrad airport under the illusion he is still in Moscow. So much in life is now standardised: standard streets with standard names, standard apartment blocks containing standard flats. Even furniture is standardised. Which is how Zhenya comes to be rudely awoken from a deep sleep by a strange girl demanding he get out of what he firmly believes to be his own flat. Marina Dmitrievna: Katherine Parr Pavel: George Parsons Misha: Michael Spice Sasha: Ronald Herdman Galya: Deirdre Edwards Valentina: Eve Karpf Tatiana: Wendy Murray Olga Nikolayevna: Margot Boyd Director: Glyn Dearman Narrator: Hugh Dickson

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.


The Irony Of Fate