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Saturday Stage

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Radio Netherland Drama 1970: Radio Netherlands organised a radio drama competition to attract listeners in America. These are some of the examples which were rebroadcast in 1992 Saturday Stage 01 The Damned Thing What “The damned thing” is remains unclear. It is something that arrives in the mail, sent to a married couple who then try to put the contraption together. However, an essential part seems to be missing. 02 The way out West What happens when a dark-skinned man arrives in a conservative town. Especially the flashy way he dresses seems to upset people. So punishment has to be meted out. 03 So Many Surprises Set in an old people’s home. Three women are awaiting for their time to come. In surroundings where the pace of life is so slow, the slightest incident is blown up to assume major and often shocking proportions.   04 Post-Mortem A boy who has been killed in a demonstration for more love in the world has a “dialogue” with the pathologist performing the autopsy.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.


Saturday Stage - The Damned


Saturday Stage - The Way out West


Saturday Stage - Radio Play - So Many Surprises


Saturday Stage - Radio Play - Post-Mortem