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On the Various Forces of Nature

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A non-mathematical survey of the fundamental forces of nature and some relationships among them. This is a series of lectures aimed at young people. He starts off with the most fundamental and familiar forces of all: Gravity and Heat. Then by a progression of examples and experiments goes on to describe atomic/molecular adhesion in solids, liquids and gases, which he groups under the rubric of "Chemical Affinity". And, no collection of Faraday's theories could omit his discoveries in Electricity and Magnetism. (Summary by William A Jones) (3 hr 47 min)


00 Preface


Read by William Allan Jones

01 Lecture 1 Part 1 The Force of Gravitation


Read by William Allan Jones

02 Lecture 1 Part 2 The Force of Gravitation


Read by William Allan Jones

03 Lecture 2 Part 1 Gravitation Cohesion


Read by sanjayparikh

04 Lecture 2 Part 2 Gravitation Cohesion


Read by sanjayparikh

05 Lecture 3 Part 1 Cohesion, Chemical Affinity


Read by sanjayparikh

06 Lecture 3 Part 2 Cohesion, Chemical Affinity


Read by sanjayparikh

07 Lecture 4 Chemical Affinity, Heat


Read by Michele Fry

08 Lecture 5 Magnetism, Electricity


Read by Owlivia

09 Lecture 6 Correlation of the Physical Forces


Read by Owlivia

10 Lighthouse Illumination, the Electric Light


Read by Marvin

11 Lecture Notes


Read by realisticspeakers


amazing reading

(5 Sterne)

Loved these lectures about the generalized physical forces in nature. I loved imagining being in the lecture with great descriptions of the experiments. if only I had the reference illustrations for a better understanding, but everything was very well explained as such for a younger audience.