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The Silk-Hat Soldier and Other Poems in War Time

Gelesen von Bruce Kachuk

This stirring collection of inspirational war-time poems by the renowned author Richard le Gallienne, offers an insightful examination of a world forced to endure one of the most trying and tragic times in history.

In these magnificent poems we witness first hand the pathos of humanity torn apart by World War I, a war like no other, a war affecting all walks of life and inspiring acts of courage, self-sacrifice and gallantry on a scale previously unknown. This was a war that brought society together in ways formerly inconceivable, that brought classes together, that brought souls and spirits together to fight for a cause that was deemed honorable, righteous and just. This was also a war that brought nations to their knees and people to the abyss of despair.

The remarkable skill of le Gallienne takes the reader to the brink of his own despair and frustration, then by demonstrating the power of determination, hope, inspiration and the anticipation of success, this distinguished poet demonstrates the strength of the human spirit to overcome, conquer, and triumph, despite conditions of unimaginable adversity and deprivation.
- Summary by Bruce Kachuk (0 hr 18 min)


To Belgium


Read by Bruce Kachuk

The Silk-Hat Soldier


Read by Bruce Kachuk

The Cry of the Little Peoples


Read by Bruce Kachuk

The Illusion of War


Read by Bruce Kachuk

Christmas in War-time


Read by Bruce Kachuk

"Soldier Going to the War"


Read by Bruce Kachuk

The Rainbow


Read by Bruce Kachuk