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The Cruise of the Walrus on the Broads

Gelesen von TND

(4 Sterne; 2 Bewertungen)

"This is an account of my latest sailing adventures on board a clumsy small sea-boat, on the pleasant waterways of Broadland.

I acquired this boat from His Majesty's Custom House at Great Yarmouth for the princely sum of £2.00. The boat was one of the few items salvaged after her parent ship, the coal-ketch "Crocus", had foundered somewhere off Haisboro' on the Norfolk coast.

Then after getting this leaky old tub up to my moorings at Breydon, I set about the innumerable tasks to get "The Walrus" (as I named her) refurbished and back to some sort of sea (or Broads) worthy condition.

Once the work was completed and the "Walrus" was launched, then this (audio) story really begins ..."

... So while you're here, why not hop aboard and join Arthur Henry Patterson as he sails around Broadland, watching & describing the world & the wildlife going by while sailing at the best part of a slow rate of knots. Or else lug in a bit whilst he has a good old mardle with a riverside philosopher as well as the ghost of St. Benet's Abbey.
Arthur Henry Patterson was a self-taught naturalist who had a lifelong fascination and affinity with all aspects of the natural history of the Norfolk Broads. Often using the pen name of John Knowlittle, he wrote many books and contributed many articles to the local newspaper and to nature journals concerning his experiences with the flora and fauna of his local area.

(Summary created by TND using some of AHP's text)
(6 hr 7 min)


Front Matter - Foreword, Introduction, etc


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Chapter 1 - The Passing Of The "Crocus"


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Chapter 2 - Our Ship Leaves Dock


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Chapter 3 - And Now For Ranworth


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Chapter 4 - In Pump-Mill Country


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Chapter 5 - The Hickling Bitterns


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Chapter 6 - A Riverside Philosopher


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Chapter 7 - The Ghost Of The Abbey


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Chapter 8 - Lusty Barton Bream


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Chapter 9 - By Horning Town


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Chapter 10 - Some Bure-Side Folk-Lore


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Chapter 11 - Back Across Breydon


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Chapter 12 - Breydon In 1755


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Chapter 13 - On Norwich River


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Chapter 14 - By Willow-Tree Waters


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Chapter 15 - Then Oulton and Home


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