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The Last Drive

Gelesen von Ben Tucker

(4,486 Sterne; 35 Bewertungen)

From celebrated crime author Rex Stout, creator of the long-running Nero Wolfe detective stories, comes this early mystery, that served as an inspiration to the first Nero Wolfe novel Fer-de-Lance, of a golfer who, while out on the greens, clutches his chest and keels over from an apparent heart attack. But the coroner rules it a poisoning, and the president of the country club, Canby Rankin, takes it upon himself to track down the killer. - Summary by Ben Tucker (2 hr 8 min)


Chapter I


Read by Ben Tucker

Chapter II


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Chapter III


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Chapter IV


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Chapter V


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Chapter VI


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(4 Sterne)

Fun novela by Rex Stout! Not as complicated as his Nero Wolfe mysteries as I guessed early on how it was done, but still a pleasant read.

So-So Mystery

(3 Sterne)

Easy to figure out “who dunnit” and why. I hope reader learns the word is cavalry and not Calvary.

good reader

(3 Sterne)

the story is 1916, so a bit stiff but the narrator fid a good job