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Psmith in the City

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(4,429 Sterne; 190 Bewertungen)

Mike’s dream of studying and playing cricket at Cambridge are thwarted as his father runs into financial difficulties. Instead, Mike takes on the job of clerk at the “New Asiatic Bank.” Luckily, school friend Psmith, with his boundless optimism and original views, soon joins his department, and together they endeavour to make the best of their new life in London.
(Summary written by Gesine) (5 hr 51 min)


Chapters 1-3


Read by Kristen McQuillin

Chapters 4-6


Read by Neal Foley

Chapters 7-9


Read by Kara Shallenberg (1969-2023)

Chapters 10-12


Read by Chris Goringe

Chapter 13


Read by Aaron Andrade

Chapter 14


Read by Aaron Andrade

Chapter 15


Read by Aaron Andrade

Chapters 16-18


Read by Luke Venediger

Chapters 19-21


Read by Eileen aka e

Chapters 22-24


Read by Chris Goringe

Chapters 25-27


Read by Kara Shallenberg (1969-2023)

Chapter 28


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Chapter 30


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Mostly good book

(4 Sterne)

New review - Listened to it again, this time in order. :-) What a hoot and a half, enjoyed it! Original review - January 15, 2010 It would be good to listen to the first Wodehouse psmith book before this one as it sets this one up. Psmith is an unusual fellow who just seems to make things work. This story is about his adventures working in a bank. He manages to manipulate the bank manager even tho the manager hates him. At the same time, he looks after his friend Mike, who seems to have things go wrong on him. The story is lighthearted and laugh out loud funny in spots. The readers are mixed, some are good, some unbearably painful to listen to; use GE to adjust out the noises.

Love Psmith!

(5 Sterne)

If you have ever worked under a difficult and unpleasant boss you might find this hilarious. I wish I had listened to it ten years ago. It might have been more helpful than drawing satirical cartoons to pass around to my fellow sufferers (lol). Thank you to the readers who all did a fine job; I barely noticed the change from one to another. Now I just need to learn a little about cricket, to understand the terminology. It sounds a bit like an extra long baseball game, what? However, not much time was spent on the game in this story, fortunately. One really funny part was Psmith's efforts to connect with the bank manager while running into him at a Turkish bath. Highly reommended, especially if you would like a role model for dealing with difficult people through use of immoveable optimism and a genius wit.

Love Psmith!

(5 Sterne)

Very well read by all the volunteers. Multiple readers not a problem. Thank you. Love the subtle humor of Psmith's solution to problems by his clever way with words. Even when losing, he comes out on top. Mike is a better friend than he could hope for. Not quite as silly as Jeeves and Bertie but maybe funnier. Highly recommended.

A good book

(3 Sterne)

It's quite a funny book, and I recommend it, but its in serie,s and its best to start at, well, any of the others. Recording quality varies.

not the best

(2,5 Sterne)

if you are new to this author I suggest you get one of his later works such as the Jeeves books which are hilarious

(4 Sterne)

so funny and clever. Old attitudes may offend modern norms....but it is still v funny. I prefer a single reader to a medley

(5 Sterne)

Really good book, brilliantly written and hilarious. Some of the readers are crazy but the book is great... Love P G Wodehouse.

Decent, enjoyed the story.

(3,5 Sterne)

All of the readers were clear and most were excellently skilled. Over all an enjoyable experience.