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(4,104 Sterne; 671 Bewertungen)

The classic vampire story by Bram Stoker revolves around a struggle between good and evil, tradition and modernity, and lust versus chastity. The author didn’t invent vampires, but his novel has so captured the public’s imagination that he is rightly considered their popularizer. Listen and you will meet not only the Count himself, but heroes Jonathan Harker and Abraham Van Helsing, plus an array of madmen, psychiatrists, and fair maidens who cross paths with the fanged menace. (Summary by Paula) (16 hr 31 min)


Chapter 01


Read by Kara Shallenberg

Chapter 02


Read by Fox in the Stars

Chapter 03


Read by Gord Mackenzie

Chapter 04


Read by Michael Crowl

Chapter 05


Read by R. Francis Smith

Chapter 06


Read by R. Francis Smith

Chapter 07


Read by Gord Mackenzie

Chapter 08


Read by Susan Hooks

Chapter 09


Read by Marlo Dianne

Chapter 10


Read by R. Francis Smith

Chapter 11


Read by Hugh McGuire

Chapter 12


Read by Hugh McGuire

Chapter 13


Read by Marlo Dianne

Chapter 14


Read by Anita Roy Dobbs

Chapter 15


Read by David Barnes

Chapter 16


Read by John Gonzalez

Chapter 17


Read by Jon Ingram

Chapter 18


Read by Andrew Richards

Chapter 19


Read by Alex Foster

Chapter 20


Read by Paul

Chapter 21


Read by R. Francis Smith

Chapter 22


Read by Geetu Melwani

Chapter 23


Read by wedschild

Chapter 24


Read by Kara Shallenberg

Chapter 25


Read by R. Francis Smith

Chapter 26


Read by Marlo Dianne

Chapter 27


Read by Marlo Dianne


Great book, but.....

(4 Sterne)

At the risk of sounding ungrateful for a free product provided by volunteers I found this reading to be wonderful for the most part. However, I must concur with other listeners at the unpleasantness of a certain ladies voice. That last chapter was quite painful to listen to at times. Librivox, please consider a replacement for this reader. Monotone is not nice to listen to. Maybe just a couple of readers would have been good. I know this is a long book but the variations of pronunciation and accent was distracting at times.

Loved the book but one reader ruined it...

(4 Sterne)

I VERY much enjoyed listening to this book and appreciate even more this service and the volunteers... so thank you However, aftet listening to the 1st chapter read by Marlo Diane, I had to look to see if more chapters were read by her and to my extreme disapointment the last 2 and longest chapters are read by her. I agree that it is painful to listen to her voice and the way she reads. That was the only disapointment of this book.

terrible accents

(1 Sterne)

I love this book, but unfortunately this Livribox reading was done by VARIOUS volunteers. Some are very good but most are awful. Every time Van Helsing's diary is read a different accent is used. I must admit that is was entertaining to listen to "Arnold Schwarzenegger as Van Helsing", "Russian/Irish Van Helsing", Hindu Van Helsing but my favorite was "Drunk Van Helsing" for she slurred the words in a most painful manner. Every person tried to fake an accent and it is was at times unintelligible. Some volunteers have background noise such as the sound of ice cubes in a glass full of drink, a harsh sudden noise as if rough fabric were rubbing against the microphone. Personally I do not enjoy listening to different people with different tones and speeds reading the same book . I find it unnecessarily distracting if not at all unnecessary.

great story, never gets old

(4 Sterne)

I haven't read Dracula in years but it was just as gripping has the first time I read it. There are moments where it drags but it's worth it to get through those . There is some sexism in the text, just in the way the men treat Meena, but it's a story of its time and isn't intended to be disrespectful. At least as a woman, I roll my eyes but still love the story for what it's worth. Most of the readers are very clear and do a pretty good job. The guy who does Dracula's monologue does a perfect job (this is the way vampires are supposed to be, folks) and I wish the whole book would have been read by him!

I couldn't enjoy some chapters

(4 Sterne)

The book really caught me, I hadn't read it before (technically I still haven't) so it all was new for me. I appreciate the effort on putting this free for all, however, that doesn't change the fact that the chapters read by Marlo Diane where really hard to listen to. Sometimes I just couldn't pay attention as I found the tone of her voice irritating to me. I turned to read the last chapter by myself when I realized that the only thing I was thinking was: "when is this thing going to end?"

New readers needed

(2 Sterne)

I actually found the readings by Marlo Dianne to be absolutely painful to listen to. Her only method of dramatic reading is to whine. I have begun to skip the chapters that she reads and now read the text for myself. The other readers are OK. It does kill the flow to have so many different people read. Oh, and if you are going to bother to do an accent for a character, make sure it's the right one...

oh dear

(1 Sterne)

I read Dracula while at University a few years ago and despite them all (harker, helsing and the gang) being very slow on the uptake I really enjoyed it... back then. however, Librivox you must do something about Marlo Dianne and her simply hideous voice. I had to stop 10 minutes into ch.27 since her Dutch accent gave me the willies! it sounded like a drunken rastafarian mixed with an epileptic Scotsman. even though these are free I feel very shortchanged. she's ruined a classic for me. please do no use any of her voice-overs again. hunt her down, stake her in the chest, cut her head off and stuff her disappointment of gob with a shed load of garlic. hopefully then she won't come back. good day sir

Oh My

(2,5 Sterne)

Some of the readers where horrid and I should not complain because its free but they where truly should not read aloud and record their voice. The one woman whined and a one man sounded like a very bad imitation '' Tim Gun from protect runway. Others howevere where amazing. There was one man who read in the very beginning should read the wole thing lavivrbox should have used him more. A few weren't that bad and tolerable. As for the story itself was amazing. ~*~