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Selected Works: Haymarket Speeches

Gelesen von Enko

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Voltairine de Cleyre (November 17, 1866 – June 20, 1912) was an American anarchist. She was skilled in many subjects and wrote essays, poems, letters, sketches, stories and speeches. These are her selected Haymarket speeches. (Summary by enko) (1 hr 30 min)


The fruit of the sacrifice


Read by Enko

November 11th


Read by Enko

November eleventh


Read by Enko

Our martyred comrades


Read by Enko

Memorial address


Read by Enko

November eleventh, twenty years ago


Read by Enko

The defiance of August spies


Read by Enko



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I must agree with previous reviews. This is a wonderful text ruined by a far too heavy French "accent". Of course I mean no disrespect to Enko & do understand that his "accent" is quite normal to him. Please do consider having the works of such an influential anarchist read by a native English speaker. Thank-you,

Poor Reading

(1 Sterne)

This could have been a very interesting title, and I was looking forward to listening to the reading. That only lasted a few minutes. The reader is hardly uderstandable a great deal of the time. What a waste.

Really Horrid

(1 Sterne)

I could make out "deep gash," "eight wet flowers," and a couple of other words in the first sentences, so I know this is supposed to be English.