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The Book of Dragons

Gelesen von Laurie Anne Walden

(4,61 Sterne; 268 Bewertungen)

A dragon who flies out of a magical book; one whose purr quiets a fussy baby; another who eats an entire pack of tame hunting-hippopotomuses: These eight dragon tales are filled with the imaginative wit of children's author Edith Nesbit. (Summary by Laurie Anne Walden) (4 hr 7 min)


1 - The Book of Beasts


Read by Laurie Anne Walden

2 - Uncle James, or The Purple Stranger


Read by Laurie Anne Walden

3 - The Deliverers of Their Country


Read by Laurie Anne Walden

4 - The Ice Dragon, or Do as You Are Told


Read by Laurie Anne Walden

5 - The Island of the Nine Whirlpools


Read by Laurie Anne Walden

6 - The Dragon Tamers


Read by Laurie Anne Walden

7 - The Fiery Dragon


Read by Laurie Anne Walden

8 - Kind Little Edmund, or The Caves and the Cockatrice


Read by Laurie Anne Walden


I have been in the UK and Ireland and Wales with its famous for

(5 Sterne)

Thanks again for all your help in the UK and Ireland and Wales with its famous for its new job and the dragon age of eighteen months ago

Best fairytale book

(5 Sterne)

This is a great book. I always keep it on my night table. It has very creative and original stories. I love it.


(5 Sterne)

I all ways loved dragons and this brought a new light on dragons for me. This is my favorite book

so frigin' Awesome

(5 Sterne)

I am a dragon lover and I love it

A Wonderful Collection

(5 Sterne)

The text: These 8 short stories about a variety of dragons were very entertaining. I enjoyed the wit and whimsy of E. Nesbit and was reminded why she is one of my favorite children's authors. I particularly liked #6, The Dragon Tamers. The narration: Ms. Walden does a fantastic job in reading this book. I've listened to several books read by her, and she's a marvelous narrator.

Loved It

(5 Sterne)

This was one of the funniest, wackiest books I've ever heard, and I loved it!

How i like the book of dragons

(4 Sterne)

Its very unique and interesting! But is isn't about dragons all that much its about people who find dragons which i find annoying. But i will listen to it, but it isn't my first choice.

@ someone book

(5 Sterne)

a I'm a huge dragon lover Eleanore w u z here ;)