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The Agricola (Latin: De vita et moribus Iulii Agricolae, lit. On the life and character of Julius Agricola) is a book by the Roman historian Tacitus, written c 98, which recounts the life of his father-in-law Gnaeus Julius Agricola, an eminent Roman general. It also covers, briefly, the geography and ethnography of ancient Britain. As in the Germania, Tacitus favorably contrasts the liberty of the native Britons to the corruption and tyranny of the Empire; the book also contains eloquent and vicious polemics against the rapacity and greed of Rome. This translation by Alfred John Church and William Jackson Brodribb, was first published in 1877. (Summary from Wikipedia. (1 hr 29 min)


Section 1


Read by Leni

Section 2


Read by Leni

Section 3


Read by Martin Geeson

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Read by Martin Geeson


(5 Sterne)

the more you read or listen to old books the more actual information and history you'll learn. from everything I've come across it seems like Rome is still enslaving people today and that Brittan is still craving freedom


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A lot of static in Martin Geeson's reading. The other reader reads well for a non-native English speaker but mispronounces one or two words in every sentence. Still, it's worth listening to.


(4 Sterne)

Both readers did a good job. The second readers volume was lower than the first, but, not that big of a deal overall. Definitely a worthy listen.

well read

(5 Sterne)

Martin Geeson has lower audio quality in these audios than he usually has


(4 Sterne)

Brief story of Agricola. Well read by both narrators.

(5 Sterne)

Well read, thank you to the readers

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