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Kept in the Dark

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Kept in the Dark is a novel by the 19th century English novelist Anthony Trollope. It was published in eight monthly installments in 1882, and also in book form in the same year. Cecilia Holt ends her engagement to Sir Francis Geraldine because of his indifference to her; she goes abroad and meets Mr George Western, who has been jilted by a beautiful girl. They marry but she does not tell him she has been previously engaged, although he has told her his story. When Western is informed of the previous engagement by Sir Francis, Western leaves his wife and goes abroad; she returns to Exeter to live with her mother. Her sister-in-law in the end effects a reconciliation. There is a comic sub-plot, involving one of Cecilia's friends who attempts to marry Sir Francis. (Summary by Michele Eaton)

This project was proof listened by Michele Eaton and Stav Nisser. (7 hr 38 min)


01 - Chapter I - Cecilia Holt And Her Three Friends.


Read by Neeru Iyer

02 - Chapter II - Sir Francis Geraldine.


Read by Neeru Iyer

03 - Chapter III - The End of That Episode.


Read by Neeru Iyer

04 - Chapter IV - Mr. Western.


Read by Neeru Iyer

05 - Chapter V - Cecilia's Second Chance.


Read by Neeru Iyer

06 - Chapter VI - What All Her Friends Said About It.


Read by Neeru Iyer

07 - Chapter VII - Miss Altifiorla's Arrival.


Read by Neeru Iyer

08 - Chapter VIII - Lady Grant.


Read by Neeru Iyer

09 - Chapter IX - Miss Altifiorla's Departure.


Read by Neeru Iyer

10 - Chapter X - Sir Francis Travels With Miss Altifiorla.


Read by Bellona Times

11 - Chapter XI - Mr. Western Hears The Story.


Read by Bellona Times

12 - Chapter XII - Mr. Western's Decision.


Read by Pamela Krantz

13 - Chapter XIII - Mrs. Western Prepares To Leave.


Read by Bellona Times

14 - Chapter XIV - To What A Punishment!


Read by Bellona Times

15 - Chapter XV - Once More At Exeter.


Read by Bellona Times

16 - Chapter XVI - "It Is Altogether Untrue."


Read by Tim Quinn

17 - Chapter XVII - Miss Altifiorla Rises In The World.


Read by Tim Quinn

18 - Chapter XVIII - A Man's Pride.


Read by Tim Quinn

19 - Chapter XIX - Dick Takes His Final Leave.


Read by Tim Quinn

20 - Chapter XX - The Secret Escapes.


Read by Tim Quinn

21 - Chapter XXI - Lady Grant At Dresden.


Read by Tim Quinn

22 - Chapter XXII - Mr. Western Yields.


Read by Alan Brown

23 - Chapter XXIII - Sir Francis' Escape.


Read by Bellona Times

24 - Chapter XXIV - Conclusion.


Read by Bellona Times


very funny if u can see the humor, quite the satire! Well read.

(4 Sterne)

I did skip a coupłe chapters where the conniving female "friend" was getting to be a bit much, since I wanted to get on with the story. Then it became quite entertaining again, especially with the two villains. Very well read by all. I found the very slight accent by one skilled reader did not at all interfere with my understanding of the story since she spoke very clearly. Thank you for your time and effort.

reader issue

(2 Sterne)

Why did the first reader, who read a good portion of the book, not identify herself in any chapter introductions or in the table of contents? This goes against Librivox policy. I was unable to listen to the story because the reader’s strong accent kept me from identifying with the characters or understanding the nuance of the unfolding drama. . I will instead read her chapters and pick it up from there. She isn’t a bad reader but somewhat unintelligible

sins of pride plague marital happiness

(3,5 Sterne)

Trollope is Trollope and I'll always give him a chance even if other listeners won't. Not his most droll book but clever in its way. Tim Quinn is a very excellent reader. Hope he does more reading, maybe a complete book?

A bit boring

(4 Sterne)

Being a fan of Trollope, I expected more depth and character development in the story. it is true that it is somewhat repetitive and the main male character is just so very obstinate. But I liked the novel anyways, it just wasn't great.


(0,5 Sterne)

I have never reviewed a book on here before but in the hopes of sparing some innocent listener wasted time here it is...the author repeats over and over the same thing chapter after chapter....don't waste your time. Dull and pointless.

Deeply emotional book

(5 Sterne)

this week read book is thoughtful and after chapter 12, astonishing well read. Soothing and reflective, it broke ground in the area of redirect for women. Enjoy this book!!

Maybe not his best effort...

(1,5 Sterne)

I generally enjoy Trollope, but this book gives new & expanded meaning to ‘repetitive ‘ !

Very Proper

(4 Sterne)

I do love Trollop, although he is so old fashioned and prim!