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Fishing with a Worm

Gelesen von Betsie Bush

(4,311 Sterne; 45 Bewertungen)

Fishing with a Worm by Bliss Perry includes the poignant and philosophical observations of a fly fisherman lured by the worm. Bliss Perry was a professor of literature at Princeton and Harvard Universities and spent time in Vermont writing and fly fishing. (Summary written by Sadie, Betsie, and Wikipedia) (0 hr 28 min)


Fishing with a Worm


Read by Betsie Bush


of worms and life philosophy

(5 Sterne)

What a beautiful analogy of fishing to life's journey! The trout rise gives hope to the little boy and old man.. Don't lose hope!


(5 Sterne)

I enjoyed this short book. Good job to the reader.