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Five Children and It

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(4,489 Sterne; 90 Bewertungen)

This delightful novel begins when a family of five children moves from London to the English countryside. While playing in a gravel pit soon after the move, they discover an ancient and rather grumpy sand-fairy known as the Psammead, who agrees to grant one wish of theirs per day. The children’s wishes send them on adventure after adventure, but rarely turn out as expected. (Summary by Kara) (5 hr 38 min)


Beautiful as the Day


Read by Kara Shallenberg

Golden Guineas


Read by Hugh McGuire

Being Wanted


Read by Gord Mackenzie



Read by Maureen S. O'Brien

No Wings


Read by Aaron Benedict

A Castle and No Dinner


Read by Peter Yearsley

A Seige and Bed


Read by Erica Kuntz

Bigger Than the Baker’s Boy


Read by Kara Shallenberg

Grown Up


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The Last Wish


Read by Kristen McQuillin



(4 Sterne)

LOVED the book, but I didn't much like the reading. The difference in readers was distracting, and some of them were hard to hear and/or understand.I would give the story itself 5 stars, but the way it was read brought down the overall rating.

(5 Sterne)

I loved it so much and I was devastated when I finished I hope she will write another book on 5 children and it I finished it in 2 days I love the characters and the plot and definitely the sand fairy!😍😍😍o please do write another book on 5 children and it!😍😍😍

Wonderful book

(5 Sterne)

I absolutely love this book! The difference in readers was kind of distracting, and one chapter was read rather quietly, but other than that I fully recommend this book.

a fantastic story

(5 Sterne)

A lovely story recommended for all ages. The alternate readers made the story seem fragmented, but all were more than capable.

(4 Sterne)

A sweet story full of adventure. Typical gender roles and racial bias common for.the time the book was written.

I didn't like that the wishes were silly

(2 Sterne)

liked "the railway children" a lot more than this book .

(5 Sterne)

Fabulous. Oh that I could have but a day, an hour, in E. Nesbit's brain.


(5 Sterne)

Change of reader slightly distracting. great tho. great great great.