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Gelesen von LibriVox Volunteers

(4,413 Sterne; 23 Bewertungen)

A Holy Day in 1495. Join the crowd streaming towards a temporary outdoor stage and be entertained (and maybe even instructed) by a performance of Everyman by the Guild of LibriVox Readers.

Cast:(in order of appearance)
Narrator - Annise
Messenger - Elli
God - Neeru Iyer
Death - Denny Sayers
Everyman - Bob Shearman
Fellowship - Tricia G
Cousin - Chris Caron
Kindred - David Lawrence
Goods - Elizabeth Klett
Good-Deeds - Marian Martin
Strength - David Cole
Discretion - Laurie Anne Walden
Five-Wits - Barry Eads
Beauty - Lucy Perry
Knowledge - Arielle Lipshaw
Confession - Ruth Golding
Angel - Kalynda
Doctor - Cori Samuel

"Let the Play Begin" (summary by Annise)
(0 hr 51 min)




Read by LibriVox Volunteers


thought provoking and strong

(3,5 Sterne)

The different readers really brings this okay alive! The majority of readers were clearly understandable,and the reader of the part of Everyman was very good. Thank you to everyone who helped make this available!

Nice work!

(4,5 Sterne)

Soothing to listen to. Love Elizabeth Klett as Goods. It's good!

(5 Sterne)

Excellent dramatic reading, really brings the text alive. Would highly recommend!

(1 Sterne)

If its on a second loop. recording is messed up

(5 Sterne)

Bob Shearman does an excellent job as Everyman


(5 Sterne)

really like all the different readers!!