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Travels in Alaska

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In 1879 John Muir went to Alaska for the first time. Its stupendous living glaciers aroused his unbounded interest, for they enabled him to verify his theories of glacial action. Again and again he returned to this continental laboratory of landscapes. The greatest of the tide-water glaciers appropriately commemorates his name. Upon this book of Alaska travels, all but finished before his unforeseen departure, John Muir expended the last months of his life. (Summary by William Frederic Bade) (9 hr 6 min)


00 - Preface


Read by Esther

01 - Puget Sound and British Columbia


Read by L. Lambert Lawson

02 - Alexander Archipelago and the Home I found in Alaska


Read by John Dennison

03 - Wrangell Island and Alaska Summers


Read by John Dennison

04 - The Stickeen River


Read by greatbasinrain

05 - A Cruise in the Cassiar


Read by Josh Smith

06 - The Cassiar Trail


Read by Jersey City Frankie

07 - Glenora Peak


Read by LivelyHive

08 - Exploration of the Stickeen Glaciers


Read by Josh Smith

09 - A Canoe Voyage to Northward


Read by Robert White

10 - The Discovery of Glacier Bay


Read by LivelyHive

11 - The Country of the Chilcats


Read by John Dennison

12 - The Return to Fort Wrangell


Read by John Dennison

13 - Alaska Indians


Read by Bellona Times

14 - Sum Dum Bay


Read by Mark F. Smith

15 - From Taku River to Taylor Bay


Read by John Dennison

16 - Glacier Bay


Read by John Dennison

17 - In Camp at Glacier Bay


Read by Josh Smith

18 - My Sled-Trip on the Muir Glacier


Read by LivelyHive

19 - Auroras


Read by LivelyHive

20 - Glossary of Words in the Chinook Jargon


Read by Bellona Times


Amazing tale of the wilderness

(5 Sterne)

No-one writes about the splendors of the wild quite like John Muir, his prose is lucid and elegant. And what an adventure he had in his travels in Alaska! A big thank you to all the readers for revealing this rare treasure to me.

(5 Sterne)

this book must have been a revelation in its time for the audience who have not the benefit of high-definition TV the narrators were fine even though rather a deadpan delivery in some cases

Thank you LibriVox for another excellent book

(5 Sterne)

Another excellent Adventure from John Muir and thank you to all the readers you did an excellent job

(5 Sterne)

Great to go on Muir's adventures

That's A Muir, Eh!

(5 Sterne)

I just can't get enough of John Muir and others, such as Enos Mills, Mary Roberts Rinehart, Isabella L. Bird, Zane Grey, and Owen Wister, who can instantly transport me to the places I have fallen in love with. I can't be there, in body, very often, or for very long, but I am there, in.mind and spirit, 5he second I hear their vivid, true to life descriptions, of the awe-inspiring landscapes and wonders, of the natural world. My heart aches, to feel all the time, as I do, when I am among those wonders.