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Cottage Economy

Gelesen von Philippa

(4,312 Sterne; 16 Bewertungen)

How can you tell when your pig is fat enough? Why should you never buy mustard? What's wrong with eating potatoes? Which is better, beer or tea? And what type of straw makes the best bonnets? William Cobbett is the man to ask. Here is his book of practical advice to the rural labouring 'cottager' (first published as a part-work in 1821-22), the precursor in many ways to the handbooks on self-sufficiency that today entice so many city-dwellers.

A champion of the rural working class at a time of huge social and industrial change, a radical politician and a prolific writer, Cobbett is opinionated, passionate and enlightening, making 'Cottage Economy' a fascinating and entertaining window on daily life for the smallholders of his day, and still inspirational, almost 200 years later, to those who seek 'a good living' as the foundation of happiness. (Introduction by Philippa)

The figures referred to in the section on ice houses can be viewed here (5 hr 50 min)


01 - No. 1: Introduction; Brewing Beer


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02 - No. 2: Brewing Beer (continued)


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03 - No. 3: Making Bread


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04 - No. 4: Making Bread (continued); Brewing Beer; Keeping Cows


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05 - No. 5: Keeping Cows (continued); Keeping Pigs


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06 - No. 6: Keeping Pigs (continued); Salting Mutton and Beef


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07 - No. 7, part 1: Bees; Geese; Ducks; Turkeys; Fowls; Pigeons


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08 - No. 7, part 2: Rabbits; Goats and Ewes; Candles and Rushes; Mustard; Dress…


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09 - No. 8, part 1: English Straw Plat; Postscript on Brewing


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10 - No. 8, part 2: Ice Houses


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11 - Addition: Mangel Wurzel; Cobbett's Corn


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(4 Sterne)

This book, written early in the 19th century, is full of useful information about rural living. He is passionate about teaching people how to be independent and able to provide for themselves. He's also pretty cranky about the predatory new mill owners in the north, the sleek and starveling Methodists who turn up at dinner time, and the new fad for 'educating' the working classes!


(5 Sterne)

Absolute best narrator in any book I have listened to in non-fiction. ASMR quality, definitely good to fall asleep to...but the book is very interesting and engaging. I looked forward to each night when I put it on!

Thanks again and again...

(5 Sterne)

Refreshing and informative.