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Michael O'Halloran

Gelesen von Mary Anderson

(4,775 Sterne; 244 Bewertungen)

The story of a plucky, optimistic newsboy, Michael O’Halloran, who has been orphaned from a young age and asks nothing of the world but to “Be Square!” This is a warm and joyous story of how Michael makes life sunnier for those around him, bringing joy to all who know him. (Summary by Mary A.) (14 hr 27 min)


Happy Home in Sunrise Alley


Read by Mary Anderson

Moccasins and Lady Slippers


Read by Mary Anderson



Read by Mary Anderson

"Bearer of Morning"


Read by Mary Anderson

Little Brother


Read by Mary Anderson

The Song of a Bird


Read by Mary Anderson

Peaches' Preference in Blessings


Read by Mary Anderson

Big Brother


Read by Mary Anderson

James Jr. and Malcolm


Read by Mary Anderson

The Wheel of Life


Read by Mary Anderson

The Advent of Nancy and Peter


Read by Mary Anderson

Feminine Reasoning


Read by Mary Anderson

A Safe Proposition


Read by Mary Anderson

An Orphans' Home


Read by Mary Anderson

A Particular Nix


Read by Mary Anderson

The Fingers in the Pie


Read by Mary Anderson

Initiations in an Ancient and Honourable Brotherhood


Read by Mary Anderson

Malcolm and the Hermit Thrush


Read by Mary Anderson

Establishing Protectorates


Read by Mary Anderson

Mickey's Miracle


Read by Mary Anderson


A Treasure!

(5 Sterne)

I've heard that other people didn't like "Michael O'Halloran" because it was too "preachy," but the big ideas and great values are just why I like it. A few of the prejudices and pet ideas of the day show through, but I find that they only serve as insight into a different era. Mary Anderson did a fantastic job reading this book. I really enjoyed her performance.


(5 Sterne)

I've listen to this twice and each time was delighted to hear child able to do what's necessary to overcome huge obstacles because his mother left him prepared with common sense & training in thinking and doing wisely.


(4,5 Sterne)

A delightful read. For one in their middle 70's, it was just the kind of stories we read through our childhood years. The time today has become just as difficult for so many worldwide. Poverty and hardship affecting those from every walk of life. this book reminds us that there needs to be a call back to the simple things and an acceptance that we are each called to open our hearts for healing and an opening of hands for giving. Time waits for no Man. We can move with it or let it pass us by. There is always a Mickey and Lilly somewhere who needs us

(5 Sterne)

Reader was wonderful! Mickey’s funny expressions just rolled off her tongue like butter. It was a pleasure to listen. I am continually intrigued by Gene Stratton-Porter and the era she presents. The cure to most ailments seems to be, in her opinion, clean country air fresh food from the farm, and the benefits of good mothering and fathering. Her characters are often virtuous without dripping w/sentimentality. And when self-examination is applied, it often brings up plenty to consider. Interesting also are details that surprise the modern reader such as a car racing a trolley in the city in the busy part of day or the cost of simple food and rent being affordable on a newsboy’s earnings! Mickey is a delightful character so nix on any criticism of him!

loveable character LOTS of wise excerpts

(5 Sterne)

this is a group of characters ib would gladly spend hours following them long past where the author left us. But Mickey and others in the book say some real GEMS. wisdom which transcends the century between the writingand my hearing. * NOTE There are a few instances of little Lily using profanity (including once using God's name in vain). if listening to this with children, just be ready to explain how this poor girl had been exposed to very bad people.

Good with reservations

(4 Sterne)

Good book, well read! Only some reservations about content. It upholds good standards, but would need to be rated PG 13 for lots of language, some violence and gruesome implications. You also have to sit back and listen patiently through some long and repetitive conversations, but I laughed aloud many times and am glad to have met Mickey, Lily and friends.

Michael O' Halloran

(4,5 Sterne)

So fun to hear a Gene Stratton Porter book read to me. I love this story and who doesn't love Mikey. An inspiration and entertaining too.

Just not my favorite but a good book nevertheless.

(3,5 Sterne)

A decent reader. Some of the incidents and characters are not real-to-life. Some very interesting twists and details.