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Divers Women

Gelesen von TriciaG

(4,7 Sterne; 50 Bewertungen)

A collection of short stories, highlighting some of the best and worst characteristics we women are capable of in our Christianity and in our home life. (Summary by TriciaG) (5 hr 42 min)


01 - Sunday Fractures Chap 1


Read by TriciaG

02 - Sunday Fractures Chap 2


Read by TriciaG

03 - Sunday Fractures Chap 3


Read by TriciaG

04 - Sunday Fractures Chap 4


Read by TriciaG

05 - New Nerves


Read by TriciaG

06 - Where He Spent Christmas


Read by TriciaG

07 - Vida, part 1


Read by TriciaG

08 - Vida, part 2


Read by TriciaG

09 - How a Woman Was Converted to Missions


Read by TriciaG

10 - Mrs. Lewis' Book, Part I: The Book


Read by TriciaG

11 - Mrs. Lewis' Book, Part II: The Book Open


Read by TriciaG

12 - Buckwheat Cakes


Read by TriciaG

13 - Faith and Gasoline


Read by TriciaG

14 - Benjamin's Wife


Read by TriciaG



(5 Sterne)

I discovered Pansy's books because of a visit I made to the original Chautauqua in upstate New York. It was so nice there and I've wanted to know more about the history ever since. I loved the Chautauqua series and every other story by Pansy to which I have listened. TriciaG and Pansy will ever be joined in my mind. I so look forward to when I will meet them both in heaven and be able to hug them for the way the stories have bolstered my faith, given me answers to questions I have had, have helped me to grow in boldness to speak of my faith in Christ.

Short Stories

(3 Sterne)

I prefer novels, so I couldn't mark this very high. Story 6 is NOT a 'meet cute'; a guy following you home for 2 miles, on foot and in a blizzard, is not chivalrous, it's stalker-ish.

short stories of 1 or 2 chapters

(5 Sterne)

I plan too read aloud some of these stories to girls and ladies before we sleep on our church mission's trip.