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In the Closed Room

Gelesen von Linda Andrus

(4,098 Sterne; 82 Bewertungen)

This is a short story about a shy, quiet little girl living in a big city. When her parents are offered the opportunity to take care of a house in the suburbs for the summer she meets another little girl in the house and they become playmates. (Introduction by Linda Andrus) (1 hr 15 min)


Part One


Read by Linda Andrus

Part Two


Read by Linda Andrus


(4 Sterne)

A pretty fantastic ghost story by a writer better known for more romantic or child-friendly fare. The reading is perfectly clear, although it could have been a bit more atmospheric.

the closed room

(4 Sterne)

Lovely story very well read would have given five stats,but ended a bit too abruptly for me.


(3 Sterne)

This short story is not at all what I expected. What I thought I would read was a happy little story about two girls sharing a summer together. What I got was a deep, sad and otherworldly tale, that ends with sudden and sorrowful abruptness. I'm not sure if the author intended to write it for children, but it certainly doesn't seem like a children's story to me. So any parents out there thinking of giving this to their kids to read/listen to might like to peruse it first. Many thanks to the reader for a terrific narration.

A bit unusual

(4 Sterne)

The reader did a good job. The story; however, was very unusual and not for children...even though it is about a child.

(3 Sterne)

another lovely story by f h burnett. read very well thank you. the ending was a bit sudden though

not what I thought it'd be...

(4 Sterne)

a good story but not at all what I was expecting.


(4,5 Sterne)

Judith died so much with calm, hope the same end comes to me someday

(4 Sterne)

Not a story for children! Enjoyed it....but slightly creepy.