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The Riddle Ring

Gelesen von Ruth Golding

(4,405 Sterne; 58 Bewertungen)

This romantic mystery - or mysterious romance - tells the tale of jilted lover, Jim Conrad, who discovers an unusual gold ring while on a visit to Paris. What is the story of the ring? Why is Clelia Vine so sad? Who is the nameless 'chief'? And how is a dour English barber in a Parisian salon mixed up in all this?

The novel, published in 1896, was written by Justin McCarthy, an Irish nationalist, Liberal historian, novelist and politician. (Introduction by Ruth Golding) (11 hr 25 min)


01 - Jim Conrad's Find


Read by Ruth Golding

02 - The Slave of the Ring


Read by Ruth Golding

03 - Jim's New Acquaintances


Read by Ruth Golding

04 - Mr. Albert Edward Waley


Read by Ruth Golding

05 - Mr. Waley's Chief


Read by Ruth Golding

06 - Clelia Vine


Read by Ruth Golding

07 - Mr. Marmaduke Coffin


Read by Ruth Golding

08 - Someone Has Blundered


Read by Ruth Golding

09 - Mr. Waley as Recruiting-Sergeant


Read by Ruth Golding

10 - 'I Could Have Loved You, but...'


Read by Ruth Golding

11 - The Sweet Sorrow of Parting


Read by Ruth Golding

12 - Back to London


Read by Ruth Golding

13 - Sir Francis Rose


Read by Ruth Golding

14 - 'That Lady is Not Now Living'


Read by Ruth Golding

15 - 'Will You Stand in with Us?'


Read by Ruth Golding

16 - A Letter and a Meeting


Read by Ruth Golding

17 - An Epoch-making Day


Read by Ruth Golding

18 - Jim is an Unwelcome Messenger


Read by Ruth Golding

19 - 'Hast Thou Found Me Out, O Mine Enemy?'


Read by Ruth Golding

20 - 'Thy Kindness Freezes'


Read by Ruth Golding

21 - 'Why Summon Him - and Trust Not Me?'


Read by Ruth Golding

22 - What Mr. Waley Did with Himself


Read by Ruth Golding

23 - What the Chief Did with Himself


Read by Ruth Golding

24 - 'What is to be Done First?'


Read by Ruth Golding

25 - What is to be Done Next?


Read by Ruth Golding

26 - A Leap in the Dark


Read by Ruth Golding

27 - The Ring Returned


Read by Ruth Golding


Drags, though Volunteer is Wonderful!

(2 Sterne)

This is melodramatic, sappy & yet very clever in an unconventional way, even considering the era in which it was written. I made it through only because I'm such a devotee of Ruth Golding, the LibriVox Volunteer.

why didn't Clelia just divorce Sir Francis?

(5 Sterne)

re: You are most welcome Ruth. And I thank you for for forwarding another way to think of the personality of the character Clelia. Wonderful reader is Ruth Golding. In 1857 divorce was made legal in the UK. . It would seem the best and correct solution would have been Clelia Vine divorcing Sir Francis Rose and then marrying the man she really loved Mr. Conrad. However even though the book was published in cira 1890's, perhaps author Justin McCarthy was writing of a period prior to 1857. dahszil male usa

(3 Sterne)

Great kudos to Ruth Golding for her typically excellent narration, but even a superior reader can't salvage a droning, pointless story such as this. A lonely guy finds a ring by accident and then by more accidents and without knowing it finds it's owners. The guy, who's sworn off love, falls in love at the drop of a hat. Various mayhem ensues. It's all so mundane and unsatisfying that I can't recommend it. Only Ms Golding's depiction (yeoman's work) compelled me to finish listening. Only a scant few passages were worth hearing.


(5 Sterne)

Ruth Golding did another terrific job on this one. I always enjoy her work. This story is slow moving, and requires the listener to just relax and let it take it’s time, but it is very worthwhile. Interesting characters, and a plot which takes some interesting turns. Satisfying ending. It has quite a bit of romance in it, a little more than a guy like me cares for, but I’m glad I listened all the way through.

Thank you, and a thought

(0 Sterne)

Thank you for the compliment, dahszil. The way I saw it was that, although women <em>could</em> legally divorce by this time, Clelia was portrayed by the author as having the highest moral standards, and thus she would not consider breaking the solemn vow she had made when she married.

Absorbing story

(5 Sterne)

Really enjoyed this one. Reader rose to the challenge of so many character voices.


(4,5 Sterne)

A well planned story which holds the interest of the reader. Rose was not worthy even of the small rehabilotation afforded him in the end. I have not heard a better "voiced" reading ever. Thank you for your presentation.