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The Time Machine (Version 2)

Gelesen von Mark F. Smith

(4,686 Sterne; 554 Bewertungen)

Surely the Time Traveler threw great dinner parties! His guests were treated to a once-in-forever trial of a miniature time machine - an exquisite miniature that acted so flawlessly as to appear to be stage magic. That his guests did not believe the explanation - the machine vanished into the mists of the future - was patent. Still, a couple of the more thoughtful had reservations about branding the demonstration an outright trickery. And what about the nearly-complete full-size Machine in the Traveler's laboratory?

Confronted at the next party by the disheveled Traveler, who had apparently suffered privations and who displayed two curious flowers of no known type, the Narrator's wonderment increased. For the Traveler provided a perfectly arresting story to explain his condition - a surprising tale of a far future where humankind divides into a carefree above-ground race, the Eloi, and a mechanical subterranean race, the Morlocks. A tale in which it appears that the inheritors of the Earth inhabit it as cattle for the feeding of their underground cousins!

Believe, or disbelieve? But perhaps the inventive genius of a man who can translate "thousands of millions of days" of time travel into an exact date should not be doubted! (Intro by Mark F. Smith) (3 hr 39 min)




Read by Mark F. Smith



Read by Mark F. Smith



Read by Mark F. Smith



Read by Mark F. Smith



Read by Mark F. Smith



Read by Mark F. Smith



Read by Mark F. Smith



Read by Mark F. Smith



Read by Mark F. Smith



Read by Mark F. Smith



Read by Mark F. Smith

12 & Epilogue


Read by Mark F. Smith


Great book, and great narrator, Thank you for "The Time"!

(5 Sterne)

Love this book, a long time ago I watched the movie, and now listenig to this book has brought me back memories of it. I probably watch the movie again (although comparing it to the book will be unavoidable now :0 )


(5 Sterne)

A very nice voice for this story. I love the magic and imagination contained in the mind of H. G. Wells. I hope this is the first of many surprising books to be found in this app.

(5 Sterne)

Mark Smith is an excellent reader and should be an actor if he is not already. He is by far the best I’ve heard and is an asset to this app. He makes everything he reads come to life as in Swiss family Robinson to the man in the iron mask.

Mark Is Amazing

(5 Sterne)

Perfectly read is an understatement, this reading alone has made me reinstall this app multiple times so I can re listen to the story much like how you revisit a favored movie or show. Thank you Mark for breathing life back into a classic story.

Great story and great reader

(5 Sterne)

The story is captivating and thrilling. Keeps you wanting more and to not stop listening. The reader did a phenomenal job reading the story. He had different voices for the different characters, spoke very well and clearly, and was enjoyable to listen to.

Great Voice and story

(5 Sterne)

I came after watching a movie with the same title many years ago, I was delightfully surprised to learn so much more from the original version read by that awesome voice, totally recommend it if you like sci-fi

(4 Sterne)

Who'd have thought mankind will evolve backwards. That the civilization we try so hard to entrench will eventually come crumbling down. He won't see this but regardless Shout out to H. G. Wells. This is good

great read, ok story

(3,5 Sterne)

I thought I book about time travel would be a little more dramatic. I enjoyed listening to the story but when it ended I was like "what the hell, that's it?!" haha