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Grace Harlowe's Problem

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(4,477 Sterne; 43 Bewertungen)

The four series follow Grace Harlowe and her friends through high school, college, abroad during World War I, and on adventures around America. The College Girls Series sees the friends part ways: Grace, Anne, and Miriam depart for Overton College, while Jessica and Nora attend a conservatory. The Eight Originals gather on holidays, but the seven College books focus on the three at Overton, along with new friends like J. Elfreda Briggs. They form Semper Fidelis, a society devoted to aiding less fortunate students at Overton. Following graduation, Grace rebuffs offers of marriage for "what she had firmly believed to be her destined work," managing Harlowe House at Overton. (Summary by Wikipedia) (5 hr 27 min)


01 - The Greatest, Dearest Day


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02 - The Last Frolic


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03 - Planning for the Future


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04 - Milestones


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05 - The Locked Door


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06 - A Club Meeting and a Mystery


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07 - Her Own Way


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08 - All in the Day's Work


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09 - What Evelyn Heard on the Campus


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10 - Laying the Cornerstone of a House of Trouble


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11 - Thanksgiving with the Nesbits


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12 - Missing A Friend


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13 - A Disturbing Confidence


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14 - The Return of the Christmas Children


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15 - The New Year's Wedding


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16 - The Last Word


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17 - The Summons


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18 - The Blotted Escutcheon


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19 - The Sword of Suspense


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20 - The Awakening


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21 - Kathleen West Makes a Promise


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22 - Fighting Loyalheart's Battle


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23 - Grace Solves her Problem


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24 - The Bond Eternal


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mispronounced dialogue

(2,5 Sterne)

While I do appreciate those who volunteer their time and effort to perform readings, the number and frequency of mispronounced words is a bit distracting. I find that the reading performance adds quite a lot to the overall enjoyment of audio books. I encourage listeners to search for Karen Savage. The results will net the listener with hours of enjoyable literature. Karen is the best of Librovox's contributors.

(5 Sterne)

for all those who insist on complaining about the volunteers who give willingly of their time so we can listen to these great books. I ask have you ever taken the time to read a book for Librovox? Instead of complaining about some mispronounced words be appreciative of the dedication of these wonderful people.

Good book for its kind.

(3 Sterne)

The book is OK, not great literature, and the heroine is as heroic as ever, even if she at least has some emotional turmoil in this book. The reader does a good job, but there are quite a few mis-pronunciations.

Another fun Grace Harlow story!

(4,5 Sterne)

Lots od mispronounced words, but very sweetly and expressively read!


(3,5 Sterne)

This book appears to be #6 in the College series of 7.

(5 Sterne)

so sad that i am nearing the end of series.