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Celtic Folk and Fairy Tales

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(3,927 Sterne; 213 Bewertungen)

A collection of folk and fairy tales from the Emerald Isle. There is an earlier version of this book - Celtic Fairy Tales, but this recording was done from a different book in Project Gutenberg. Same book, new readers! (Summary by Ann Boulais) (5 hr 57 min)




Read by Kristin G.

Connla and the Fairy Maiden


Read by Kristin G.



Read by humanode

The Field of Boliauns


Read by Petra

The Horned Women


Read by Debra

Conall Yellowclaw


Read by humanode

Hudden and Dudden and Donald O'Neary


Read by Debra

The Shepherd of Myddvai


Read by klbonds

The Sprightly Tailor


Read by Charlotte Duckett

The Story of Deidre


Read by DublinGothic

Munachar and Manachar


Read by Debra

Gold-Tree and Silver-Tree


Read by SopranoHarmony

King O'Toole and His Goose


Read by MissRose

The Wooing of Olwen


Read by rachaelg

Jack and His Comrades


Read by MJ Franck

The Shee an Gannon and The Gruagach Gaire


Read by Debra

The Story-Teller at Fault


Read by Debra

The Sea Maiden


Read by SopranoHarmony

The Legend of Knockmany


Read by Debra

Fair, Brown and Trembling


Read by Debra

Jack and His Master


Read by sid

Beth Gellert


Read by Kevin Holmes

The Tale of Ivan


Read by Rapunzelina

Andrew Coffey


Read by Rapunzelina

The Battle of the Birds


Read by Rapunzelina

Brewery of Eggshells


Read by Snaefaxi

The Lad with the Goat-Skin


Read by Debra


the book is great. the person reading the book however.terrible

(5 Sterne)

OMG I had this very book as a child!!!! it was my absolute favorite story book until my mother lost it!!! I am so glad to have found it back... even in a different form Lol

Fairly Good

(4 Sterne)

The tales were quite good, but not so for some of the readers. it's worth a listen though.

a good little book

(4 Sterne)

over all the same narrator was very good. very amusing tales well told

Nice Collection of stories

(3 Sterne)

Most readers did great, I had no problem understanding the readers but like most collection of readers you have some that are better than others. On my case there was one reader who sounded too much like a radio commercial reader and it didn't feel like he was telling a good story but just reading another copy. It broke the continuity of the rest so I just skipped those two chapters. My only other gripe is the incorrect pronunciation that a few other readers stumbled over. While it didn't bother me to skip the two chapters, it was different for the others. I don't think the book manager should have allowed readers to complete their chapter without fact checking pronunciation; it doesn't take long to accomplish. That said, all but the two chapters were still enjoyable and the stories were quite good, in my opinion. Of you enjoy a bit of historical canon, I would say give it a go. If you have the means and time, download it to your e-reader! 😄

Fairy Tales tell deeper truths

(4 Sterne)

We are barraged with fairytales from every quarter these days. It is refreshing and comforting to access the traditional sources of the stories that informed our cultural heritage. This collection takes us on a journey from the whimsical to the horrifying and on to redemption and wisdom. Most of the readers are lyrical and soothing, a couple are neither, but overall this is a beautiful collection.

Noticed similarities

(5 Sterne)

I enjoyed listening to these folk tales. I'm obsessed with fairy and folk tales, and like to find how different countries' tales are similar to one another. I even heard tales I haven't heard since I was a little girl. I loved listening to these classic and wonderful tales.


(5 Sterne)

Very nice stories. some of these should be reread though. There is some kind of error with Guleeesh and the tales of O'Toole and Olwen are really hard to follow, in part due to the recording.

wonderful voices

(4 Sterne)

Great voices, wonderful tone and quality. Stories are authentic but some a bit strange to my American twenty-first century ear. If you like folklore, you’ll love this. Some new. Some familiar.