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They Call Me Carpenter

Gelesen von Tom Weiss

(4,25 Sterne; 12 Bewertungen)

The story takes place in the fictional city of Western City circa 1920. It begins with a man named Billy who is attacked by a mob of ex-servicemen outside a theater after watching a German film. Billy stumbles into a church to escape the mob and is visited by Carpenter, that is Jesus, who walks out of the stained glass window of the church. Carpenter is shocked and appalled by his observations of greed, selfishness, lust, sorrow, and the ultimate division between rich and poor. The story then roughly follows the ministry of Jesus. (Summary from Wikipedia and modified by the Reader) (5 hr 33 min)


01 - Chapters 1 through 7


Read by Tom Weiss

02 - Chapters 8 through 13


Read by Tom Weiss

03 - Chapters 14 through 19


Read by Tom Weiss

04 - Chapters 20 through 25


Read by Tom Weiss

05 - Chapters 26 through 31


Read by Tom Weiss

06 - Chapters 32 through 37


Read by Tom Weiss

07 - Chapters 38 through 42


Read by Tom Weiss

08 - Chapters 43 through 48


Read by Tom Weiss

09 - Chapters 49 through 54


Read by Tom Weiss

10 - Chapters 55 through 60


Read by Tom Weiss

11 - Chapters 61 through 63


Read by Tom Weiss


Reading by Tom Wiess was excellent as always. Thought provoking

(5 Sterne)

(1,5 Sterne)

The story has so much potential but the author did very little with what should be a story that writes itself. All of the allusions to the new testament are very forced and trying too hard. Plus the story says relatively little about society when it should be able to say so much. Just a boring story all in all.