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The Master Key

Gelesen von Judy Bieber

(4,222 Sterne; 54 Bewertungen)

The Master Key was one of Baum's earliest full length fantasy books for children, published in 1901 just one year after The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. The protagonist, Rob, while experimenting in his workshop, accidentally summons up an electrical fairy who presents him with electrical devices so advanced as to seem magical. His gifts include a flying contraption, a stun gun, and something resembling an omniscient portable TV set. Rob travels the world, rendering assistance to European heads of state and narrowly escaping disaster at the hands of “primitive” cannibals, Turks and Tatars, pirates, and evil scientists who try to steal his inventions. It's great fun, despite the occasional use of racial stereotypes that reflect the values of its time. (3 hr 40 min)


01 - Rob's Workshop


Read by Judy Bieber

02 - The Demon of Electricity


Read by Judy Bieber

03 - The Three Gifts


Read by Judy Bieber

04 - Testing the Instruments


Read by Judy Bieber

05 - The Cannibal Island


Read by Judy Bieber

06 - The Buccaneers


Read by Judy Bieber

07 - The Demon Becomes Angry


Read by Judy Bieber

08 - Rob Acquires New Powers


Read by Judy Bieber

09 - The Second Journey


Read by Judy Bieber

10 - How Rob Served a Mighty King


Read by Judy Bieber

11 - The Man of Science


Read by Judy Bieber

12 - How Rob Saved A Republic


Read by Judy Bieber

13 - Rob Loses His Treasures


Read by Judy Bieber

14 - Turk and Tatar


Read by Judy Bieber

15 - A Battle with Monsters


Read by Judy Bieber

16 - Shipwrecked Mariners


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17 - The Coast of Oregon


Read by Judy Bieber

18 - A Narrow Escape


Read by Judy Bieber

19 - Rob Makes a Resolution


Read by Judy Bieber

20 - The Unhappy Fate of the Demon


Read by Judy Bieber


love it! love it! LOVE IT!!!!!

(5 Sterne)

I absoulutly love it. i love l frank baum. i love oz so i probably will like this book. suposed to be for boys but i love all books. girl or boy.

(5 Sterne)

Great! One of L. Frank Baum's best books, the reader and story were great. I highly recomend this for Oz book fans and fantasy story fans!

it was a fun book great for the young

(4 Sterne)

little kid

(3,5 Sterne)

This is for two year annoying young people

Okay book, okay recording

(2 Sterne)

Having read much of Baum's other work, I was a little disappointed in this book. The protagonist is far less sympathetic than Baum's other child heroes. He lacks common sense, and his bumbling seems to satirize society's inability to use technology wisely. The racist stereotypes are vicious (and too pervasive to be easily edited out). If you enjoy children's literature of this time and can stomach the racism, you might get more out of the book than I did, but in general I wouldn't recommend it for children. The recording quality is fine. I found the reading a little stiff, but clear.