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Prometheus Bound (Buckley Translation)

Gelesen von LibriVox Volunteers

(4,228 Sterne; 46 Bewertungen)

"Prometheus Bound" is the only complete tragedy of the Prometheia trilogy, traditionally assumed to be the work of Aeschylus. Jupiter has turned against Prometheus for protecting mankind and has ordered him to be chained to a rock. But Prometheus is comforted by his knowledge of a way to bring about the downfall of Jupiter. (Summary by Libby Gohn)

Narrator: Charlotte Duckett
Prometheus: Jason Mills
Chorus of Nymphs, daughters of Ocean: Elizabeth Klett
Strength: Bob Neufeld
Vulcan: Alan Mapstone
Ocean: Amanda Friday
Io: Availle
Mercury: bala

Audio edited by: Libby Gohn (1 hr 2 min)


Part 1


Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Part 2


Read by LibriVox Volunteers


(4 Sterne)

Well done- esp Prometheus, Io, Oceanus. Mercury/Hermes is unintelligible, but fought through it.

(4 Sterne)

Very well read. Mind you, the text is fragmentary; you're not going to get a full. But for anyone who's planning to plunge into Shelley's Prometheus Unbound, this is definitely necessary preparatory reading/listening. It illustrates Shelley's reimagining of the myth is not simply a vehicle for a radical criticism of Authority. It is very much in sympathy with the ancient poet's sentiments, or at least Prometheus's.

An Interesting Fragment

(3 Sterne)

An interesting play, of itself, but fragmentary. It is the beginning of a trilogy of plays, but the later sections have been lost. Well read, but giving the same sort of feeling as, say, the movie version of "The Hobbit : An Unexpected Journey", that the author now has his pieces in place, and yet the story has ended.


(5 Sterne)

The play is a typically good Greek story and the recording is of pretty good quality.

lovely recording

(5 Sterne)

a great dramatic reading with just the right amount of acting in the voices!

Fairly good recordings

(5 Sterne)

Could understand the majority of it, good editing.