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King Leir and His Three Daughters

Gelesen von LibriVox Volunteers

King Leir is an anonymous Elizabethan play about the life of the ancient Celtic king Leir of Britain. It was published in 1605 but was entered into the Stationers' Register on 15 May 1594. The play has attracted critical attention principally for its relationship with King Lear, Shakespeare's version of the same story. (Summary by Wikipedia)

King Leir/Second Watchman/Narrator: Algy Pug
Skalliger: Caprisha Page
Perillus: Todd
The Gallian King/First Watchman: Alan Weyman
Mumford: David Warner
King of Cornwall: Greg Przywara
Morgan: Alan Mapstone
Servant/First Mariner: bala
Servant/Second Mariner/Second British Captain: Phil Benson
Messenger: Martin Geeson
Ambassador: Elizabeth Klett
Captain of the Watch/First British Captain: engineerdst
Gonorill: Grace
Ragan: Charlotte Duckett
Cordella: Libby Gohn
Nobleman: Arielle Lipshaw

Audio edited by Algy Pug (3 hr 44 min)


Introduction by Sidney Lee


Read by Phil Benson

Dramatis Personae & Act 1


Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Act 2


Read by Algy Pug

Act 3


Read by Algy Pug

Act 4


Read by Algy Pug

Act 5


Read by Algy Pug