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Among the Tibetans

Gelesen von Availle

(4,507 Sterne; 67 Bewertungen)

Isabella L. Bird was an English traveller, writer and natural historian. She was travelling in the Far East alone at a time when such endeavours were risky and dangerous even for men and large, better equipped parties.

In "Among the Tibetans", Bird describes her tour through Tibet with her usual keen eye: From descriptions of the landscape and flora to the manners, customs and religion of the local people we get a fascinating account of a world long past. (3 hr 8 min)


The Start


Read by Availle

Shergol and Leh


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Manners and Customs


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Climate and Natural Features


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An amazing trek, full of verve and honest misery.

(5 Sterne)

Beautifully read, I really felt the authors voice and sense of pluck. Bravo!

lovely little book

(5 Sterne)

very interesting, well written and thrilling in parts; vivid description, especially of nature and wild flowers of the region.

(5 Sterne)

a really amazing book, author and reader . written 4 the armchair traveller

good title

(5 Sterne)

i enjoyed book & reader an interesting contrast of culture

(5 Sterne)

relaxing voice, interesting subject, a descriptive peek into another time and place.

(5 Sterne)

i loved the text and the reader