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Fritz to the Front

Gelesen von KirksVoice

(4 Sterne; 17 Bewertungen)

Fritz to the Front is the story of a Dutch tramp who wants to be a detective, and is an expert at ventriloquism. The story opens with a mysterious elopement, which Fritz is asked to be a witness to at the wedding. The next day, Fritz meets the father of the bride and he claimed that his daughter is, at times, in a sense, mad. She falls into trances that can last for days. And while in this state met a young man who convinced her to steal 20,000 pounds and meet him in a small town and marry him. Is this story true? Or is it a fabulous falsehood created by the father for some reason of his own? Join Fritz on his quest to solve this mystery with many adventures along the way. (Summary by fiddlesticks) (2 hr 39 min)


01 Chapter 1 - Madge


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02 Chapter 2 - The Strange Marriage


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03 Chapter 3 - The Bluff House


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04 Chapter 4 - The Ghastly Relic


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05 Chapter 5 - Bill Budge's Conversation


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06 Chapter 6 - On The Scent


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07 Chapter 7 - The Struggle


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08 Chapter 8 - Adrift


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09 Chapter 9 - Fritz's Discovery


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10 Chapter 10 - A Dive For Life


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11 Chapter 11 - A Father's Brutality


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12 Chapter 12 - A Pitiful End


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13 Conclusion


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(4 Sterne)

Thank you, KirksVoice for reading this for LibriVox. If I could give separate ratings it would be 5 stars for the reader and 4 stars for the book itself. I have heard many of your narrations, , some science fiction and lately, the wonderful P. G. Wodehouse books. I am glad you read those. Thanks again. Listener who appreciates the effort.

(5 Sterne)

Fritz has wit, confidence, & literally kicks ass. I ended up fond of him. Although at times it was difficult to understand because of the accent given to his character the reader did a wonderful job.