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The Box-Car Children

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(4,506 Sterne; 520 Bewertungen)

Four children: Henry, Jess Violet and Bennie. They are living alone in a stranded boxcar. They find items they need from the dump and a stray dog whom they name Watch. Henry earns money by working for a man named Dr. McAllister and his mother, Mrs. McAllister. But, while they are living their daily lives, little do they know that the McAllisters are watching their every move. (Summary by francesb) (2 hr 42 min)


01 - The Flight


Read by Woolly Bee

02 - The Second Night


Read by Woolly Bee

03 - Shelter


Read by Woolly Bee

04 - A New Home


Read by Woolly Bee

05 - Housekeeping


Read by Drew Johnson

06 - Earning a Living


Read by Kimberly Krause

07 - At Home


Read by maryagneskatherine

08 - Building the Dam


Read by maryagneskatherine

09 - Cherry Picking


Read by maryagneskatherine

10 - The Race


Read by jtueller

11 - More Education


Read by jtueller

12 - Ginseng


Read by jtueller

13 - Trouble


Read by Drew Johnson

14 - Caught


Read by Frances Brown

15 - A New Grandfather


Read by S R Colon

16 - A United Family


Read by Patti Cunningham

17 - Safe


Read by Patti Cunningham



(4 Sterne)

It would be nice if you put more boxcar children books up please. I love this book an I cant wait to see the movie that comes out August 1st 2014 more more more please!!! ill give five stars when more books are added as we'll

(4 Sterne)

All readers were clear and pleasant to listen to. The book holds up better than expected.

run away & live in a train car box

(5 Sterne)

listening to this brought back SO many memories! this was the first book i can remember reading alone, for the enjoyment of reading and not for school. all of the readers did a good job. the story of kids running away and taking care of themselves because they are more scared of an unknown family member than of the unknown wide wild world. some pleasant lessons and a reminder to kids that getting outside and playing and using your imagination to create things is FUN (so unplug and leave the electronics inside).


(4 Sterne)

They should add more boxcar children books. I will give 5 stars when you put more.


(5 Sterne)

I loved reading this The Boxcar Children when I was in 5&6 grade...many years ago. I even owned a hardback copy of the book at one time. I was delighted to see there was a Librivox recording of it. The readers were varied but it was fun to hear younger readers and older readers read such a fun and pognant tale. I have fallen in love with The Boxcar Children all over again. Thank you!

love the book

(5 Sterne)

loved the book growing up. for the most part all recording were easily understood, a few of the voices were so so to listen to


(5 Sterne)

My kids and I loved this book. Please record more from this series!

Not as good as the revised version but a sweet story

(4 Sterne)