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Peter Pan (version 3 Dramatic Reading)

Gelesen von LibriVox Volunteers

(4,668 Sterne; 152 Bewertungen)

"All children, except one, grow up,” begins J. M. Barrie's most famous novel. Barrie then proceeds to tell the story of that one extraordinary exception, Peter Pan, who lives in the Neverland with pirates and fairies and is always having adventures. One night he appears in the nursery of the Darling children and the most marvelous adventure of all begins. Light-hearted though it seems in premise, Peter Pan is a sweet but melancholy tribute to the fleeting innocence of childhood that has endured as a beloved favorite of children and adults alike ever since its first publication. (Summary by Eden Rea-Hedrick)

Narrator/ Peter Pan: Eden Rea-Hedrick
Mrs. Darling: KHand
Mr. Darling: Ernst Pattynama
Wendy: Amanda Friday
Nana/ The Never Bird: Anastasiia Solokha
Michael/ Tinker Bell: ElleyKat
John/ The Twins: Frances Brown
The Smallest Star/ Liza: Rebecca Braunert-Plunkett
Captain Hook: Larry Wilson
Tootles: gloriousjob
Slightly: Katalina Watt
Nibs: Cheryl Michele
Starkey: Kristin Gjerløw
Smee: nomorejeffs
Curly: Charlotte Brown
Tiger Lily: Woolly Bee
The Voice of Hook's School: Shakira Searle
Bill Jukes: Levi Throckmorton
Cecco/ Mullins: Kingof192
Noodler: Todd Jenken
Cookson: LaMar Hawkins
Jane: Kimberly Krause

Audio edited by:Eden Rea-Hedrick, Kimberley Krause, and TimoleonWash

This project was proof listened by: Eden Rea-Hedrick, Kimberly Krause, and Matt Bohnhoff (5 hr 11 min)


Peter Breaks Through


Read by LibriVox Volunteers

The Shadow


Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Come Away, Come Away!


Read by LibriVox Volunteers

The Flight


Read by LibriVox Volunteers

The Island Comes True


Read by LibriVox Volunteers

The Little House


Read by LibriVox Volunteers

The Home Under the Ground


Read by LibriVox Volunteers

The Mermaid's Lagoon


Read by LibriVox Volunteers

The Never Bird


Read by LibriVox Volunteers

The Happy Home


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Wendy's Story


Read by LibriVox Volunteers

The Children Are Carried Off


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Do You Believe in Fairies?


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The Pirate Ship


Read by LibriVox Volunteers

'Hook or Me this Time'


Read by LibriVox Volunteers

The Return Home


Read by LibriVox Volunteers

When Wendy Grew Up


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A Wonderful Classic

(5 Sterne)

A wonderful rendition of a timeless tale. Thank you for it.

(4 Sterne)

nicely read, huge thanks to everyone who pitched in on this project.

The acting was great I loved how well they did with this book.

(5 Sterne)


(5 Sterne)

Really good! Although it's not your original Peter Pan story with the different parts of the story, and the different people saying the different types of people and animals! :)

excellent performance

(5 Sterne)

great timeless story with a great cast.


(5 Sterne)

this book is very good


(5 Sterne)

This reading is such a lively tale! Every volunteer brings the characters to life, and the true tale of Peter Pan comes out beautifully. We learn about his refusal to grow up, his immaturity, and his dangerous adventures. In the end, you won't see Peter the same way.

meh weird story, pretty good reading

(3 Sterne)

the story was quite boring and weird but the readers did a great job. really liked the narrator's and Peter's voice actors. I didn't like Hook's reader though, but just cause he sounded so old.