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Creative Mind

Gelesen von KirksVoice

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This little book is an attempt to explain what each soul must discover for himself, that he stands in the midst of an eternal creative power which presses itself around his own thought, and casts back to him glorified all that he thinks. If it awakens within the consciousness of one single individual the realization that the mind of the Universal (which is the only mind that there is) is his own mind that the creative power of this mind is his also; that the manifestation of this mind is his own individuality; that the love and power and peace of this mind is within himself, it will not be written in vain. May it then do much in simplifying and bringing to light some of the deeper mysteries and meanings of life. (Ernest Shurtleff Holmes) (2 hr 19 min)


Part 1


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Part 2


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Part 3


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Part 4, Q & A and Definitions


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Fantastic book

(5 Sterne)

I find that New Thought teachings are closer to Truth than Law of Attraction teachings. I believe that God needs to be central to Manifestation teachings and that concepts like Faith, Belief and Love are critical conceptions. Ultimately, I believe manifestation to be a part of our Spiritual Evolution and this book speaks to that belief.

very helpful

(5 Sterne)

puts spirituality in laymen terms.. a nice reminder on what it's all about! :-)

Excellent Book On Life Awakening!

(4 Sterne)

Good Reading, Beautiful Narration, The Book Contains Spiritual Philosophy Which Connects Us To The God Power Within Us And Motivates Us For Positive Transformation!

(5 Sterne)

For such a time as this! :-) I encourage all to listen to this Audio. Wonderful!

Best Audio book I've heard to date!

(5 Sterne)

both the book and the reader are excellent. the subjects in which this book covers are still relevant today and I believe all people should hear at least once. a very uplifting and positive expansion on what we already know to be true.

the Truth Shall set You Free

(5 Sterne)

please listen to this book, open Your Conscious is a compilation of thoughts from the Mind of Another fellow Human brimming with boundless Positive Energy radiating from the Absolute. Accept The Gift, The Present. Everyday is Your Birthday.


(4 Sterne)

Earnest Holmes is amazing. His teaching on spirituality, life principles and explanation of how the Universe works is life changing. This book while relatively brief is packed full of information on transforming your life. It's highly recommended. Kirk does a good job reading. Thanks

Mind Opening

(5 Sterne)

This text is very rich and will help you discover untapped resources within yourself. The narrator has a powerful commanding voice which makes the content stick easily. Great book.