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Right Off The Bat

Gelesen von ACBowgus

(4,5 Sterne; 4 Bewertungen)

A Book of Baseball Ballads covering all aspects of our wonderful past-time. The ballads may seem out of date given some reference to drinking, smoking, and gambling. But anyone who knows history knows that these players were working men without million dollar contracts and players unions. This is baseball in its true raw form showing people who were paid next to nothing and loved the game. - Summary by ACBowgus (0 hr 52 min)


John Bourbon, Pitcher - Sunday Baseball - The Big League - The Ballad of the Mi…


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Raymond's Ride - Four Conversations - "Inside" Baseball - The Difference - Cric…


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The Umpire's Home - The Longest Hit on Record - "Yellow" - The Umpire - "Choosi…


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"Home Folks" - The Outfielder's Dream - To The Lady Bugs - The Law Of Averages …


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off the path for me

(3 Sterne)

Didn't really enjoy this book. Narration is great just not what I want in a baseball book! Wish there was more sports books on LibriVox but it is what it is. Thanks ACBowgus for a fine reading and LibriVox for making it all possible